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Creativity is not only on the plate


It's only been a few days since longer causes a whole national event: Was there or was not "cobra" between Chenoa and Bisbal?. Rivers and rivers of comments and ink in our country on the subject. In fact numerous jokes, memes and fakes emerged about the incident.

At the same time, the famous singer revived the time of his break with the singer ago 15 when he was spotted by reporters at the door of his home in tracksuit. Such was the acceptance by the public, that a greedy manner and using the pull of "OT Reencuentro", commercially he used it to get to market a line of clothing called "In tracksuit does not go out anymore".

In just a few hours, the #yoenchandalnosalgomas hashtag became Trending Topic, that night we showed a television program in different languages ​​as pronounced the happy phrase and, and if that was not enough, promotional pull this incident He has quickly found a niche in the market to sell t-shirts, reclamos y politonos para el móvil.

Ride the crest of the wave at the right time

I will not get into a sociological analysis of this series of events, but I take this situation generated to reflect on the importance of always being attentive to what happens around us for not miss business opportunities by applying ingenuity and creativity.

Certainly there are people with a more flexible thinking, more associative and more creative than others. Therefore it is important to understand that creativity is not a matter or originality, or inspiration, but large doses of work and reflection Y why not, from a pinch of luck.

In a restaurant, Under the economical point of view, las mejores ideas para prosperar will leave anyone who is aware of what happens around them: I hear complaints, you wonder how you can improve and what can be the solution to certain problems. The most observe their environment will be able to identify business opportunities Y, in this way, we can move forward in an increasingly competitive sector.

Good ideas in the world of hospitality

This means that the best ideas are not always the most original, but those arising own progress and common sense. In the world hospitality, good ideas tend to be the most practical and which are best suited to the new market needs. Not all about letters and dishes, or talks and television celebrity chefs.

It should be borne in mind that the great discoveries were made from study and observation of events and their subsequent association with concepts already known. As we all know, after seeing an apple fall to the ground, Newton's gravitational movement associated the fact that the moon revolve around the Earth, rather than wandering around.

Another example is the starring Johannes Gutenberg, which he fused single letters and adapted to a winepress (used to make wine) to print a full paper fold: just he born print.

The truth, is that any invention has arisen from the association of the existing. Creativity as a great inspiration not only is not an error, but also underestimates the work of inventors, artists, entrepreneurs and all those who must each of the advances that have occurred in any area of ​​our life.

Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's, also speaks of innate characteristics of creativity: “Persevere. Nothing in the world can replace perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful talented. Genius will not either; unrewarded genius is already proverbial. Perseverance and determination are the only omnipotent virtues ".

Definitely, to be creative is not so important to have an original idea, but note, to experience, analyze, draw conclusions and learn to run (scientific method of Galileo).

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Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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