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Download Games, the new formula of restaurants to attract customers to digital


Downloading games to get new customers in restaurants Today I want to dedicate my article to a new trend that is being used by some chain restaurants in the US to attract new customers through digital creation and download games for smartphones and tablets.

The results are showing that incorporate games into their applications is a very interesting way to build a relationship of trust and quality to its customers, and as discussed, with a direct influence on increasing sales.

Among the different examples there, I want to emphasize the chain of Mexican restaurants Chipotle, thanks to its game “The Scarecrow” I managed to attract and entertain a number of new digital customers.

The game is fun and is that the main character, the Scarecrow, You must complete a series of levels to change the world of food manufactured by a world of natural food and sustainable.

Here's the video of the game:

The game is raising consciousness in a very direct way to new digital customers to value the new forms of sustainable food.

But also, and since it could not be otherwise, It has two very important consequences for the restaurant chain, on the one hand it promotes the brand image as a provider of healthy food and the other gets a substantial increase in both the online and the offline visits.

All this led to a significant growth in traffic across the web universe of the chain and also an increase in sales through customers face in their restaurants, since one of the biggest attractions of the game is that the main character has to go overcoming different challenges, which would earn him free food coupons that the user can redeem at the various restaurants in the chain.

He has had more than 1 million downloads through iTunes, with over one hundred thousand people who have redeemed their coupons for burritos, taco salads or.

By last, another very important for brand positioning element in digital environments, It was the next video that was made for the promotion of the game and already has more than 12 million views.

My reflection face is kind of trends, It is that large restaurant chains are realizing that in order to obtain or retain the new digital customer must actively participate and create value and interaction in those own channels of digital natives and to do nothing better to offer quality content in games daily downloading.

no longer interested in participating in these media advertising, It belongs to the last century, el nativo digital no lo valora, the new challenge of restaurant chains is to offer them the full content and also add values ​​online and offline.

I would like to know your opinion, Do you think this new trend in creating games for digital customers can be implanted in the restaurant industry?

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