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Digitizing restaurants 2.0


I write this article on a Thursday paella menu, of those Thursday the lifelong. We now got used to no longer enjoy, because we are more than casual food at noon but, on this day we visited a restaurant we like to make that classic paella menu Thursday. The owner is a good professional, which serves a rich product and treated with love and, Besides, concerned about the restaurant management.

Today told us that belongs to a union-a parallel association- which brings together many restaurants in the population (a really large population) with the aim of pressuring the council and local authorities to encourage consumption at local restaurants (since many potential customers consume in neighboring big city).

I tell you this because, first, He told us that they had lobbied without any result- for fairs not allowed food truck in the population and instead be encouraged on those dates consumption in its restaurants; there has come my first surprise: They have not understood anything and, instead of putting them food trucks to show the local public and draw their establishments when not these fairs, They want to fight Consumer desire to have street food and enjoy the public space otherwise.

And secondly -and subject of this article- We explained that it is almost the only one of the group that makes its escandallos rigorously and calculates production times or emplatado. The majority, as he says-and I certify my daily experience- no manage their business no way. 0. Nothing. Crik, Crik,Crik….Nothing, the vacuum…

when many (Many) hotel industry still manage your business WHATSOEVER, many others do in pencil and paper and a few significant and satisfactory growth -in- incorporating manage digital tools. Digitizing a restaurant MORE THAN IS NOT USING DIGITAL TOOLS MANAGEMENT, Faster, more efficient, more powerful, more secure….plus.

There is still a looooong ride scanning management, process with numerous benefits in the medium term, but that requires a serious analysis of previous needs and an even more serious and sensible implementation process…And while all this happens, the digitization 2.0 it's here.

While some entrepreneurs are raised still install digital tools for the most basic management and want to fight themselves or others against food truck rather than join them, the Internet of Things (IoR) step opens. I like the Internet concept Restaurants, I gather from Diego Coquillat Y Eva Ballarín (both mates Horeca Speakers) that I first saw use, and clearly it reflects the step forward is giving the digitization.

Whenever incorporate many restaurants digital tools, many processes and machines around the restaurant can transmit information to be managed in real time by those management software. We're talking about kitchen equipment (especially) which can regulate consumption, their production, use and transmit information for analysis and integrated management. No need to go look far, in all fairs abound and hospitality always comes a new, more innovative.

These cooking equipment (ovens, fryers, plates, refrigerators and all kinds of cooking combinations, production and conservation) They connect with each other and with other software so we can schedule our recipes, mark temperatures, time, amounts, to regulate the use of escandallos… While there are guns codes for inventories, but It is now affordable (for the average restaurant) power digitize all management warehouse and refrigerators, have supplies consumption information…

I have found it especially fascinating to discover robotic dispensers of wine or spirits perfectly regulating the amounts to serve, the temperature and also send consumption information very rigorously. There are also screens and devices that teach customers all local publications Instagram and Twitter, They reward in real time and coordinate with TPV to integrate information.

Currently almost any machine can transmit information to our production management software warehouse and give us a real and rapid information on whether the items we have collected really correspond with those who have left the warehouse and which have occurred in games, in the bar…And all.

While many still have to start your tour of the simplest management, For the more adventurous can already robotizar service and processes and have a complete intercommunication of all its machinery.

Welcome to the new world of digitization 2.0

About the Author

I was practically born behind the bar of a bar and I was behind her for many years (and even traffic as I can). lifelong learning from and to the office. Now I am dedicated to help hoteliers improve their profits by improving the management of its #restaurantes and innovating concepts. I specialize in restaurant chains that need to professionalize and look to the future



  1. Very interesting article, There is no doubt that digitization in restaurants is a tool that will increase the visibility of your establishment as it can also help a lot in customer loyalty..
    I am writing a marketing blog specialized in food outlets I have some articles that you may find interesting.

    Greetings from Arequipa, Peru

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