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Resy acquires US company ClubKviar to expand in Spain


Technological hospitality industry leader Losers He has acquired ClubKviar, the booking platform with Concierge service that works with more than 300 upscale restaurants in Spain and it offers unique dining experiences for its members.

ClubKviar has become a key player in the Spanish market restoration and has a select list of restaurants and more 100.000 active partners. With its expansion in Europe, Resy to relaunch strategic relationships and brand value ClubKviar for growth in Spain.

Resy leverage the team of ClubKviar and relationships with key industry players to quickly scale Y, for the moment, will continue to operate with its current business, generating significant revenue with its model of commission per guest.

Long-term, ClubKviar restaurants will become customers ResyOS, the booking engine of the US company, where they will be able to offer its services to users and those of ClubKviar Resy app Y Airbnb.

Resy offers an advanced reservation management software and adapted to client app to offer dining experiences around the world. Resy works with 10.000 restaurants in 160 cities and 15 countries, table getting a million guests a week with the ratio of no-shows lower industry, a 4,5%.

Customers can make reservations and manage them in Resy.com and the app, where you will find a selection with the best and most distinguished restaurants in the world. Among them is n / naka in Los Angeles or New York Lilia.

Users also have the ability to access even simpler system to a waiting list, that sends alerts when a restaurant has applied for a free table. You can download the app for free on both iOS and Android.

The US company was founded by Ben Leventhal, co-founder and entrepreneur Eater the catering industry; Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur, investor and author; Y Michael Montero, CrowdTwist founder and Fotolog.

According to Ben Leventhal, “ClubKviar has become a key player in the hospitality sector in Spain with an impressive selection of restaurants and a very loyal partners, sitting tens of thousands of diners per month ".

In this sense, the founder and CEO of Resy explained that "as Resy continues its expansion in user base and restaurants in Europe, strategic relationships and brand value of ClubKviar be very useful for fast growth. In 2018, ClubKviar evolve in Resy Spain“.

This acquisition is a major step both Resy in its strategy of expansion in Europe.

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Currently, ClubKviar has a community of just over 5.000 followers en Twitter, almost 24.000 on Facebook and about 26.000 one Instagram. His influence in the sector is very important. We share some of their publications more network activity than visual:

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