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Scalability strategy affecting KFC 22.000 chain restaurants


Restoration brands organized strategies must have very robust scalability as small inefficiencies in the process of adopting innovations can affect significant cost overruns.

KFC daily faces this challenge in its 22.000 restaurants distributed 135 countries of the world. It is not an easy task, even for the team of experts that make up the office that handles these matters.

Roughly, digital transformation KFC is based on the concept that rewards RED relevance, simplicity and distinction in its services.

At the heart of the RED philosophy is KFC Digital Ventures Team, an established UK team that has been working for two years in the strategy enterprise scalability. They are in charge of developing projects after lightning are established throughout the network of restaurants Kentucky Fried Chicken of the world.

For faster technology adoption, the design process is developed in a modular fashion. A) Yes, when the technological framework is prepared, This is beginning to be implemented, even before all the capabilities and specifications of the project remain defined. There is always time for parallel progress in this direction.

KFC professionals Digital Ventures Team also have decision-making. They are the ones who choose what is implemented and where. For it They need to know every detail market. For example, while sales in the Middle East on-premise They are great generators of business, in the West it is better to invest in home food delivery.

Other initiatives are intended to appear in all establishments. In summer, the team racked his brains to find a strategy for scalability click and collection system, whereby they want to minimize delays and friction with the consumer to the absolute minimum. With the solution reached, 18 000 of the premises will have this service at the end of 2020.

Kiosks and training of staff are the other two fronts KFC Global tries to climb. With the expertise of Digital Ventures will soon achieve.

KFC is also known for its innovative marketing campaigns. We share some recent have been viralizado network.

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