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The restaurant El Pimpi connects customers with photos of landscapes and # RevolucióndelAmor


Restaurants can transmit It is representing your brand or the essence of his style through images every day share in their social networks. To achieve this it is necessary skill and resources, but we also have several alternatives to get to connect with our fans.

Restaurant is the case the Pimpi, from Malaga, what excited every day to its more than 13.000 Twitter followers with beautiful photos your meal, its wines, events customer, but also landscapes that cause authentic feel.

When we got an image to social networks, we seek evoke the promise to live a moment of enjoyment, and for this we need to focus not only on the elements that make up our menu, but also in the context, those feelings that can be accessed around all around the restaurant experience.

Therefore, It is a very good example, see how it Restaurant The Pimpi evokes enjoy sunrises as showing in their social profiles, and if you look at the following collection of tweets…

The best pictures of landscapes shared by El Pimpi

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