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The expansion of robotics cooking continues in California, For the Bbox cafeteria


Cafeteria Bbox It is a meeting point for students of the School of Public Health at the renowned University of Berkeley. University students from various parts of California (OF. UU.) They gather there to relieve accumulated stress classes, exchange views with their peers and enjoy coffee and pastries.

So far so normal. But since February 2019, the Bbox cafe has become part of a small group of catering establishments: the local equipped with robotics cooking.

It is the first business of its kind in taking the plunge. In the nearby city of San Francisco, he X Cafe It attracts passersby with robotic arm capable of preparing excellent coffee in just a moment. You find the PLC sight, protected by a transparent screen that lets you enjoy the technological performance with full security guarantees. Those who have tried have been pleasantly surprised.

Bbox differs from place located in San Francisco by the greater complexity of the systems that are in operation. In addition to serving hot concoction, the robotic assembly can also accompany the request with pasta you selected diner. This requires a level manipulation, detection and interpretation superior which it has robotic Coffeepot Cafe X.

In recent months there has been increasing interest in replacing the repetitive tasks associated with the preparation of coffee.

The interest aroused by these new technologies is also linked with a trend of larger entity: the adoption of robotics kitchen, camaraderie and sharing in the catering industry business network. This movement is viewed with suspicion by some.

Returning to the case of Bbox, the host of technology has been very positive. Young people can use a app Mobile to manage orders. Through this specialized application they have the ability to choose from a menu of preset type coffee products they want and add pasta wish commissioned as an accompaniment.

Once the order is confirmed, is the application itself that It is responsible for informing customers about how long it will take your order to be ready. This frees up time for staff serving behind the bar at this establishment attached to the University. Staff also is in better health by not being subjected to repetitive stress that can lead to sustained and painful tendinitis (common cause of decline in US cafes. UU., as you know in Starbucks)

The entire chain of actions is supervised by human workers at the moment. Like many of the prototypes used in robotics kitchen, It is pioneering teams that can still present failures. That is to say, robots involved in this environment are still prototypes in a pilot.

So that everything runs smoothly, Bbox manager receives coffee products through a specialized company. This company is Highwire Coffee, a local coffee seed supplier that also offers hot drink in an environment gourmet. Thanks to the high quality product delivered by these professionals, Bev (and it has been dubbed the robotic coffee maker operating in the Bbox) You obtain an aromatic ground coffee and the first. This is the first step to obtain a final product memorable.

According to an interview Digital Trends a Greg Becker, founder of Nourish, the company responsible for the Bbox cafeteria, "Through their service, Bev prepared a recent coffee and meets customer demands with regard to almond milk, lattes, American iced coffees, orange juice and other coffee mixes ".

On the other hand, the second robot part of the set installed in Berkeley works for the order is ready as soon as possible. Becker continúa: "Meanwhile, [the robot]Jarvis serves the requests in the window of pasta and the delivery point, serving fresh pastries brought from [the bakery]semifreddos's, and preparing customer orders for takeaway».

With this system installed in place, Bbox makers have managed to significantly reduce the price of a quality coffee. The same coffee served in Highwire Coffee costs less than half in the university cafeteria (1.75 Dollars). This is achieved by minimizing the economic allocations for staff: wages are one of the biggest expenses in any catering establishment and acting directly on them can be achieved price cuts or increases in profit margins remarkable entity.

Initial tests with robotics in the kitchen Bbox They have gone smoothly. In addition to arouse interest and cause fascination among regular visitors, They have also managed to retain much of the new visitors who have come to attracted by the kindness establishment of this new disruptive technology.

that way, not surprising that Becker has plans to increase the menu that is automated. In the near future robots could handle serving all items that count at this location. The ultimate goal would be to scale worldwide chain of restaurants robotizados.

Nourish vision will not be suffering from lack of financial liquidity and behind it the investment firm of former player of the National Baseball League is Ryan Howard, SeventySix Capital. Only time will tell if they succeed in their contention.

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