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Key user experience on the new website of the franchise the Mafia sits at the table

  • The The new website Mafia it sits at the table it is 100% mobile.
  • It facilitates customer access to restaurants and reservations.

What a client connects to the website of La Mafia?

This was the 1st question that may be made from the marketing department when they decided to give a change to the website of the franchise. It turned out to be the question that marked the beginning of a project that began in January 2017 and I end this week.mafia1

Javier florist CEO explains franchise: "We are an innovative company and we have always been committed to everything related to the digital world as a means of communicating with our customers. We were convinced that we should take a step forward and create a page designed for mobile devices. Last year we undertook a number of improvements but we already had in mind this new project. Currently they are already 78% of visits coming from mobile or tablets and is forecast to continue to rise ".

This question followed him several: How do users access to the web? What content seeking? How do we structure the web? Do we keep the visual style? and above all how we improve the user experience?

Once these questions answered, both the industry and socio-cultural trends are studied and decided that would not be enough to turn around the web. "We bet on a website created for mobile as part of a communication tool and decided it was best to design a new web, Fortunately, the project was immediately supported by management, What was the need to improve channels of communication so important to us "as Alfredo Cortés Dir. Marketing.

The website is designed so that the client can access more easily to the information requested; especially in two respects: reserve a table and find contact details for your favorite restaurant. Without forgetting that all this wants to quickly and without spending suppose that all data on your mobile.

Current load time of the web has significantly improved, the same being in a second half.mafia2

Since the franchise we explain: "One premise was that customers could book a maximum of three clicks, We wanted the book from the web was as easy as calling the local ". "Another point much insisted that was to highlight the take away and the delivery, essential today, who had no previous web presence and stand out in today. "

Of course the web is complemented with quality content created for mobile and easy to use social networks, interesting information on the blog as articles, recipes, infographics or videos, without forgetting franchise information.

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