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Google tab of your restaurant, an open door to customers


He 4 September 1998 It should be a date that should be included in all the history books, Like the Industrial Revolution is studied. That day, Larry Page Y Sergey Brin they created a company that completely changed the worldview, the true owner of our digital self: Google.

Restaurant preserve the image and product in Google it is also customer care, demonstrating that all details are attended, in all fields.

Google, a wallet full of customers available to restaurants

Although he already has 8 years, there is a book that helps to understand the importance of playing Google, Facebook, the almost extinct Yahoo! and other Internet giants in the decisions of everyday life in today's society. This book is Numbered Stephen Baker and that every day search engines platforms such as Page and Brin are over 2.500 details on each user.

The important thing regarding the hotel is that the restaurant is eating well and that the product will be quality and, but also It is very important to check the digital image. Google algorithms are magic only the workers themselves known company, and they are those who make over 2.500 details collected from each user can take you to the restaurant door.

Be present in the mind of the search engine giant is a job, As is the kitchen and living room. Doing things right is a requirement for success, but it is also necessary to communicate that you can do. And here comes Google.

Google positioning depends on many factors such as keeping the updated web Restaurant, taking care of the SEO and SEM (keywords and advertising), keeping alive social networks (with special mention of the other big media giant: Facebook - and Instagram-) and the small box that appears to the right when the home is sought: the token.

A different tab, an attractive profile

Be different It is a form of highlighting and in the catering sector Differentiation is key to success. In the digital field, It is plausible to see a hotelier wants to differentiate from the rest watching your image on social networks and see who cares about what they say it in them.

Such care could enter the category of restaurant tab of Google. Through Google My Business a door wide open wide to customers using this search, that is to say, the vast majority of users. In May, Sundar Pichai, CEO de Google, He announced that 8 their products exceed the barrier of thousand users: Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, Google searches, Google Play y Android.

In other words, impossible to decline the opportunity to be present on their platform and become pregnant along with a studiously, kept and organized.

Be updated and "nice" tab is not important only when seeking the restaurant with the specific name, but en the world of Google everything is interconnected. If the place is a steakhouse and seek steakhouses in your city is more likely to come out better positioned whoever has the most complete record. Or if a User is using Google Maps, will appear on the map a local who has in his "small box" complete information, with photos and descriptions.

Update is simple and fast

Speed, intuition and simplicity three premises are very present in the vision of the world of Google. All is well in the big G. Opened an email account in Gmail is easy and fast, manage and maintain it is not as complicated as other competing applications.

As well, that ideology is also present on the ad business. With a few clicks you can Local show the essence of more than one billion users. First name, kind of food, schedule or contact phone basic information.

They can and should include all photos of the menu, Y recently you can also include videos in Google My Business with which the customer can not only make a visual image, but you can meet local inside before booking and Links to the website where the public has the opportunity to book directly.

Have updated the page of Google for your restaurant it shows that the business is alive, who cares about the customer since the tab you can also comment on the impression made by the restaurant. For any comment, you always have to respond by generating the famous engagement because that is a sign of being willing to open its doors to all who pass down the street and "cyberspace".

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Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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