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Hospitality training will be key in the future of Spain


We're about to close a 2015 Frantic for the hospitality industry. A year when numbers have not stopped moving, in most cases positively and, that according data made public by the FEHR, will be even better in 2016. But for the sector to continue to grow is essential to work from the ground to continue building a future of quality hospitality Y, thus, for tourism in Spain.

We are one of the leading countries in tourism, a world power, and for this reason we are obliged to grow, innovate and get better, pero habría que hacerlo bajo una planificación estratégica de largo recorrido. We must think "what we want to be" and "where we want to be" within, As minimum, 10 years.

To get this to penetrate society, the essential is start from the formation. If we are leaders in tourism, training should have a height; training is born from the sector and the sector is addressed. We do not have to reinvent the wheel, we must strive to achieve absolute excellence in hospitality, service and gastronomy. And there's only one way to achieve it, through formation.

According to a study Chronicle of Higher Education, he 98% of university rectors believe that a change is needed in education, of which 67% They consider that this change should be disruptive. What does this mean? What we must change the ways of imparting such education, using the technology available at our fingertips.

If we follow trends, lo primero que hay que tener en cuenta es que learning should be student-centered, be customized. Cada estudiante es único, It has different aptitudes and needs a rest, therefore you must receive an education based on your requirements. We now have a number of tools that make cada persona esté hiperconectada gracias a los dispositivos móviles and can receive comprehensive training in the time you want. Se puede ofrecer una formación específica, eliminando complementos innecesarios y sin depender de horarios estrictos y cerrados.

As leaders we, we have to adapt before anyone changes, dejar de vivir anclados en el sistema formativo del siglo pasado y pasar a la acción. In Gastrouniversia We have implemented this new educational model through plataforma BlackBoard, a tool using the 70% of the 200 best universities and business schools in the world. Thanks to this tool provide training aimed especially hospitality professionals, para que puedan formarse sin ningún tipo de problema directamente desde su smartphone o tablet sin depender de un horario fijo. Nos adaptamos completamente a las complicadas agendas y horarios que deben soportar los trabajadores de este duro pero maravilloso mundo.

Uno de los propósitos de año nuevo suele ser el de aumentar nuestra formación y no hay mejor manera de cumplirlos que a través de los advanced courses and master's degrees in Restaurants and F address&B Hotelero que ofrecemos desde Gastrouniversia for those managers, proprietary, managers, middle managers or cooks who want to take a giant step in his career.

Hospitality training will be key in the future of Spain
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