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Aragon franchise the Mafia sits at the table integrates its reservation book in Google My Business

  • Aragon teaches is the first organized catering franchise that integrates this tool in all its premises.
  • The initiative is made possible through collaboration with technology company Cover Manager.

Customers The Mafia sits at the table may make your reservation at the 43 franchise restaurants without leaving the familiar Finder. When a customer searched Google a restaurant La Mafia sits at the table will appear the "technical form" of this, with its data, as address and phone. Alongside the Cover Manager technology company integrated the reservation book this in the data sheet so that customers can make reservations at no cost for them or for the restaurant.

Aragon franchise stands out for its ability to innovate and integrate new tools to improve the customer experience.

"At 2017 We were pioneers in the industry by launching a web versus mobile websites that were responsive. From that time we have worked to incorporate other improvements that make the user experience more satisfying, based on the fact that this experience begins today and in Internet search. " Comment Alfredo Cortés Dir. Marketing and Communication of teaching.

Victor Sancho meanwhile Dir. operations highlighted: "We are currently working on other projects that result in the client or the franchisee. As a franchise we owe so much to end customers and our franchisees and that leads to constant improvement "

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