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Gastronomy is key in the Spanish plans for this summer, according to a study ElTenedor

  • He 30% Spanish ensures that visit a restaurant once a day this holiday season, according to a study by ElTenedor.
  • Food is one of the main reasons why the Spaniards choose their holiday destination, an activity for the 40% of respondents it has a budget of between 25 € and 30 € per person per meal.
  • Preferred by the Spaniards during the holiday dishes are pescaíto (42%), paella (39%) and seafood (33%). This last dish is also a favorite of French and Portuguese.

Madrid, 16 July 2018 – The holidays are just around the corner and many Spaniards who decide their fate depending on the food and that wherever they go, there are good places to eat. In fact, for more than half of Spaniards, out of restaurants and avoid cooking is synonymous with a real holiday. It's more, This will be one of the activities that more money will go, as it is clear from a study produced by ElTenedor, the app leading online restaurant reservations in Europe.

This summer we hang apron

He 30% of those surveyed said they visit a restaurant once a day this holiday season. Other 30% you plan to eat out or, especially dining out, 3 from 4 times a week. The budget that has the 40% of respondents to enjoy cooking outside is between 25 € and 30 € per person per meal. And is that the value is what they value most (he 76%), followed by an attractive menu (55%) and a good terrace (49%)

the pescaíto (42%), paella (39%) and seafood (33%), followed by salad or salad (26%) They will be preferred by Spanish dishes this holiday, according to the study ElTenedor. And Safely, Holidays are the time to enjoy the pleasures of food. In fact, he 65% of respondents declare that they will ask whatever they want in the restaurant. Diets stay home until lap!

Pnow avoid poster full ...

On holiday, people value their tranquility and book restaurants is, definitely, a way to avoid inconvenience. Nevertheless, he “holiday factor” will trigger more spontaneous bookings during the rest of the year. more than 66% of users make reservations at restaurants during the holidays Y, among them, he 52% they will do with 24 hours in advance to avoid running out table.

Always connected

Nevertheless, Holidays do not change the digital habits of users. El 77% Spanish remain connected during your vacation. The three most commonly used applications are: maps (81%), restaurant reservations (64%) and weather (47%). It's more, he 69,5% of respondents plan to use ElTenedor during your summer vacation. The perfect way to book the best restaurant for every occasion.

Guide ElTenedor

ElTenedor, a brand of TripAdvisor, It is the leading platform reserves the sector in Europe with a network of more than 45.000 restaurants and over 16 million visits per month. The platform operates under the "lafourchette" brand in France and Switzerland, as "ElTenedor" in Spain, as "TheFork" in Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Sweden and Denmark. Likewise, It operates in English as "TheFork.com", as IENS in the Netherlands and Dimmi in Australia.

ElTenedor connects restaurants and diners, allowing the latter to search and reservations online, and owners of restaurants increase the number of reservations and loyalty among its clients. Through the website and the application for mobile devices ElTenedor, as well as through the pages of restaurants and cities TripAdvisor, users can check availability in real time, Select a restaurant according to several criteria (including the geographic area, The Cuisine, opinions and promotions) and make a reservation.

For restaurants, The solution offers tools like ElTenedor Manager that manage reservations, streamline its operations, improve service levels and make the most of their ability to accommodate diners, following the principles of Yield Management, adapting the price to the demand of the moment, a practice that is successfully used in the travel industry and hotels .

about TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor®, the web site world's largest travel *, helps travelers to harness the full potential of each trip. More than 630 million views and comments on more than 7.5 Accommodations million, airlines, experiences and restaurants, forming the selection of profiles on the world's largest travel site. TripAdvisor provides travelers with the wisdom of the masses to help them decide where to stay, how to fly, what activities to do and where to eat.

further, TripAdvisor compares the prices of more than 200 booking websites so travelers can find the lowest price of your ideal hotel. The brand TripAdvisor sites are available 49 different markets and house the world's largest travel community with 455 million unique visitors per month **, They are seeking how to get the most out of your trip. TripAdvisor: Find best. reserve best. best travel.

Subsidiaries and affiliates TripAdvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP) own and operate a portfolio of websites over 20 travel brands:

*Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor websites worldwide, November 2017

**Source: TripAdvisor log files, average monthly unique users, Q3 2017

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