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The management of the terrace and digital waiting lists will be key to the recovery of restaurants


The second wave of coronavirus has brought back closures in the hospitality industry. Discontent has been noted in the demonstrations organized by the employer's association and in the complaints that have been sent to the administrations in the form of lawsuits against the State and the Autonomous Communities..

Now that the cumulative incidence begins to decline throughout the country, many professionals are weighing what options they have to recover the business that they stopped receiving in the previous months.

Some big celebrations are already around the corner. The Fair of April, Holy Week and the Fallas of Valencia represent excellent opportunities to catch my breath and cash. How can you make the most of the ephemerality of these events?

Some restaurants have started collaborating with technology partners to increase the volume of business they serve. In addition to the well-known delivery platforms, there are partners offering additional and comprehensive benefits. It is the case Waitry, company based in Madrid and Argentina, that already has almost 3.000 member establishments distributed mainly in Spain, France, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile.

The main advantage of this ordering platform online is the digitization of orders from the table and service in the restaurant, and the most important, No commissions, offering contactless payment, customer advisor and waiter caller, 100% integrated to the main POS and payment methods on the market.

According to statements by Alejandro Etchegoyen, founder and current CEO of Waitry, the app mobile «Increase the frequency of orders […] up 20% and the account value up to 70% ». Or what is the same, restaurants can increase a 34% your box with respect to its normal or traditional operating mode.

Although it may seem incredible value, keep in mind that for many young people, pioneers in the adoption of new applications and web platforms, If a restaurant does not have a digital profile, it practically does not exist. The rules of the game were already changing before the pandemic, but now they have been inscribed in stone: he delivery is essential for the hoteliers of the 21st century.

Manage orders efficiently online that arrive for home delivery or takeaway can be a challenging task for many professionals. That is why it is appreciated that applications like Waitry do not limit themselves to executing orders., but also offer a whole series of control tools aimed at comprehensive management, monitoring and traceability. Both the consumer and the restaurateur can benefit from these functions.

On the other hand, the restaurants that may open their doors these weeks will want to claim their spaces as safe.. Although the satiety echoes in the population, mistrust still lingers. Diners fear contracting COVID-19 in hangouts and restaurants, despite capacity restrictions, they are.

For this reason some locals have chosen to resort to air purifiers, Hospital grade filters for your ventilation systems, UV lanterns for disinfection and other sanitization protocols.

One of the measures that elicits the most praise is the philosophy contactless. basically, it is about minimizing contact surfaces shared between clients, as well as between staff and visitors. One of the most conflictive objects are the letters. They are often passed from one hand to another and this increases the risk of contagion.

Why consult the menu is not a problem, various companies facilitate software with which to create our own digital menus. Between them Waitry. Etchegoyen's model is accessible via QR code if the client is in the premises or from the app mobile. In addition to having all the usual benefits in these systems (list of articles and updated prices, detailed information in one or more languages, item optimization, etc), yours also has the option to run Payments and contactless order, no lines, you wait, crowds or errors and fully integrated into POS.

Making the consumer experience more comfortable by maintaining recommended distancing and minimizing interactions can turn those few adventurous consumers into recurring business or beacons of hope.. What happens when customers return to their environment satisfied? Your positive outlook encourages others back to normal.

Once the restrictions associated with the second wave are lifted, every grain of sand will count, so it is necessary not to despise the snowball effect of word of mouth advertising about our business.

The hotelier who seeks to make the most of his premises during the coming months must also have his ally the star king. Winter begins to soften and sunny spring is just around the corner. Before we know it we'll have bright, hot days.

With these conditions, it's of vital importance optimize terrace configuration and management. further, counting on technological solutions such as Waitry we can establish a digital waiting list with which interested Internet users can check the status of the restaurant's capacity and when they can access it. An analog tool, oriented to the management of outdoor tables, offers the same information on the condition of the terraces.

Waitry thus makes sure that the interior spaces, and especially the exterior, are used at maximum capacity, but always respecting the current anti-COVID-19 regulations.

But without a doubt the most powerful methodology when it comes to guaranteeing that the restaurant makes cash is the customer loyalty. It can be done in a traditional way, but the philosophy contactless reminds us that a digital version of these systems can be perceived with better eyes by users.

Integrating a loyalty rewards program into the restaurant's own app can be costly even when using plug-ins distributed under license. Continuing with the example of Waitry, This technological partner has anticipated the needs of hoteliers to offer a points program aimed at customer loyalty. This tool can be used to grant discounts, gifts or coupons to those customers who visit the establishment frequently.

Digitization of orders, solutions contactless for menus and payments, optimization of capacity in dining rooms and terraces, loyalty plans for points, promotions and festivities. These will be the restaurant's great allies during a comeback that is not optional, but necessary. Programs like Waitry or similar can help us increase our success rate in such a difficult campaign.

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