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The great success of veggie burgers put into difficulty Impossible Foods


The impact of intensive farming on the environment and ethical principles that appeal to the abolition of the animal suffering are the most important factors in population growth follows a philosophy dietary flexitariana, Vegetarian O vegan.

In Spain there are four million vegetarians, constantly increasing number. But the percentage incidence in the population is higher in other parts of the world, for example California, US State. THE. where it is located the headquarters of Impossible Foods.

The flagship of this start-up dedicated to the development and production of vegetable substitutes for food of animal origin is The Impossible Burger, hamburger steak containing only vegetable protein from soy.

But so great is the demand for this new product, Impossible Foods that has gotten into a whole mess. The problem stems from the initiative Burger King, that using the fillet mark vegan food, He offered a new item in 300 US establishments. Is about la Impossible Whopper, a version based on vegetable ingredients of the flagship hamburger chain.

Impossible Foods does not provide directly to Burger King or any other business restoration of many who use your product. To reach all these establishments, based company Redwood City uses a network 400 dealers, among which are big names on the American scene.

The sudden increase in demand has caused Impossible Foods unable to cope all its suppliers. In a complicated situation, Company executives have been quick to communicate publicly that will increase its production in record time. How soon they do not really even know them.

So that, some 7200 restaurants scattered throughout the country are perceived shortage of vegetable hamburger steaks currently. White Castle Y Red Robin are two of the chains that they have been harmed by the lack of foresight of Impossible Foods, unable to meet the demand for vegans visiting local diners in summer.

While Impossible Food sets foot on the accelerator, restorers discuss the success of these vegan burgers. It is not unusual for an item that costs 3.5 more dollars cause such a furor. This shows interest in new plant substitutes food of animal origin are appearing on the market. A trend that will follow the rise.

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