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The “burger impossible” get 75 million financing


Already dubbed "impossible hamburger", the flagship product of the company Impossible Foods, is the first burger made exclusively from plant which it has achieved an almost identical taste and appearance to beef.

We talked about it in this digital newspaper a year ago, when as we had fallen in love and strangers, including celebrities like Bill Gates who was absolutely stunned by this new product. So he did not hesitate in taking a handful of shares in a company which by then had already begun preparing his unstoppable rise true delicatessen for vegans, but the truth, is that They have won the hearts of more than a carnivore.

A hamburger made from plants for meat lovers: the perfect formula

Impossible Foods is the company behind what looks like a miracle, and so a few weeks ago we read in the online medium axios.com that after its latest round of funding, revenue amounted to 75 million dollars of new funds. Because besides Bill Gates, show your support for this important revolutionary idea investment funds as Temasek, Khosla Ventures y Horizon Ventures.

Thanks to all this support, but also the innovation of the Impossible Burger, He has managed to jump from coast to coast in the United States. If when in January 2017 we talked about success reaching this burger made with silvers in the restaurant Nishi from New York, today we can ensure that all California already knows hamburger impossible, thanks in part to its inclusion in the menu of the restaurants in the chain's Gott.

Impossible Foods next challenges

In the not too distant future, the intention of the company is to offer something beyond the already known "herbal meat", and open to products such as fish, chicken, real meat, eggs or cheese. That is the line that will continue through this important new funding 75 millions of dollars.

La Impossible Burger

There is a question that, obviously everyone has regarding this juicy burger and bleeding, with a delicious and totally carnivorous aspect but It is made herbal: How can it be possible? Thanks to a product called leghaemoglobin which is produced based genetically modified yeast and a complicated process of fermentation.

In the words of Patrick Brown, President and founder of the company: "The heme is what makes this fake meat has a taste similar to real and our scientists have spent a lot of time studying this molecule," he said. In this video you can see how amazing the process of creating this burger.

It is certain that mankind loves to eat meat, but if we can achieve the same pleasure with more modern and sustainable methods, the thing seems to be clear. Meat production is polluting and expensive, and it implies the death of millions of animals while Burger presents Impossible a delicious meat and beneficial for people, animals and the planet.

Thanks to years of research, Impossible Foods Company has achieved what seemed unattainable: the texture, that smell, or the indescribable feeling of that first bite juicy based only on vegetal ingredients. Lots of flavor with little impact: the future is here.

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