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The “burger impossible” Bill Gates is causing furor in New York


"Gold seems, Silver is not ... "This conundrum so popular in Spain could be the starting point for present hamburgers that are causing furor in one of the most famous restaurants in New York, he Nishi. Nevertheless, This attractive and popular snack is a trick that'll love this time too, to lovers vegan food.

He appears before the eyes of the diner as a succulent, aromatic and juicy beef burger, but the flesh is nowhere. We are actually talking about the primer burger manufactured solely plant has achieved a very similar to meat flavor. Apparently, it resembles both the delicious snack He has stolen the hearts of many foodies New Yorkers.

famed chef David Chang It is responsible for serving on the requested tables Nishi and it has dubbed the burger Impossible, but the fact is it's there, before the eyes of the consumer and also tastes delicious.

Chelsea, New York neighborhood where this restaurant is located is currently undergoing a revolution in vegan food restaurants thanks to their burgers that have made rivers of ink and caused a stir in social networks. As you can see by Google, Now it is also a point of pilgrimage for vegans in New York they could never forget the taste of meat.

Previous attempts were frustrated

We decades trying to get the taste and texture meat without the meat. In fact, in virtually all important establishments engaged in selling hamburgers, even in Spain, They have on occasion included a choice of burger vegetable to complete their menus and make them more accessible.

Nevertheless, the results did not seem to convince anyone and the fact is they had just for being removed from the cards, ostracized by lack of flavor or similarity with a good beef burger.

Now it looks different, this time it could be good, at least the first good, in fact the Impossible Burguer It is so well achieved that even Bill Gates He has dared to make a million dollar investment in the company responsible for developing this new delicatessen for vegans.

The future of the flesh has come

It is clear that vegetarians are most interested in this new product will spread like wildfire and restaurants quickly reach all corners of the globe. Perhaps the time is not so far as it might seem and soon vegan burgers can taste so special.

For the moment, which it is served in Nishi, It costs around $12 dollars and You are receiving so many blessings that shows the league that is poised to become, as they say now, in the next gastronomic trend Out of the Big Apple.

Its ingredients are simple: wheat, potato protein, coconut oil and little more. However, his secret so we can extasiarnos to a juicy hamburger and bleeding in the hemo, belonging to a group of related proteins, among other things, with hemoglobin.

The result is that appearance, the texture, flavor, blood and juice are very well made, something that had not happened in previous attempts. This opens the door to endless future possibilities, beyond the vegan food.

Farewell to farm animals or food for all

As we have told you on other occasions in this newspaper, there are few who walk concerned about issues such as respect for animals and their commitment is evident in the content of their dishes. At lunchtime, vegans, vegetarians, flexivegetarianos, ovolácteovegetarianos... all want to enjoy good burgers. And is that the flavor of the meat, It is hard to forget for many.

So at least show thousands of people leaving meat consumption to focus on vegetables. The truth is that when one of them tasting Burger Impossible, is really satisfied that enough flavor that resembles stored in its memory.

But not only vegetarians have been seduced by the benefits of this new "meat". The foodies more carnivores have also shown their liking and have given approval this new invention.

Beyond that a product gets to become something trendy, We can also find out more serious and valuable aspects that are linked to meat and vegetable affecting the future of humanity itself, in the strictest sense of the concept.

Vegans outside yes or no Vegans, the discovery passes to analysts make us realize that we produce meat at a much more affordable price, with all the nutritional properties and so that it can secure the future of food for all.

For the moment, the Impossible Burguer de Nishi He has only to open the closure and It is easy to foresee that the product will get even better. We are looking forward to this queen of burgers reach Spanish restaurants and can enjoy it: a vegetable-based burger, juicy and "bleeding".

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