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The story in pictures of the main chain of American restaurants


currently the fast food fast food triumphs in virtually every corner of the world. While it is true that Americans can no longer be the only standard bearers of this business model for restaurants, so is the fact that they were pioneers, the first to create small restaurants that evolved to be today's big franchises, Famous worldwide.

Mcdonalds-8Then let's do a review of the major fast food chains Americans to check their evolution.


McDonald´s He opened in 1955 selling hamburgers 15 cents. In his letter he had only 9 articles.

McdonaldsHe packaging It has changed over the years. While it is true that has been following the same line, the first designs look very different from today.

Mcdonalds-2In the image below we can find some similarities, at least typography letters logo, Nevertheless, the change to the present has been spectacular.

Mcdonalds-1Company image, the clown Ronald McDonald made his first appearance in 1963. It has now disappeared from all company shares, except for Ronald McDonald Foundation, bearing his name.

Mcdonalds-3Nowadays, McDonald's has more of 170 different items Worldwide.

Mcdonalds-4Last year, CEO Steve Easterbrook McDonald's He made the decision to innovate on their menu to start serve breakfast.


Burger King

Burger King meanwhile, It was founded a year before McDonald's, in 1954. His best-known burger, particularly the Whopper made his debut in 1957.

Burger-King-1Burger King a mid-fifties in Miami.

Burger-King-4In the image, Burger King opened in Alaska on 1989.

Burger-King-2After years in which the chain it has been picking up in the race with its competitors, They are testing various innovative initiatives with the ambition to return to the first line of the game.


KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

The picture shows one of the first KFC a Marietta, Georgia.

KFC-1Colonel Sanders has been the face of the chain since 1952.

KFC-2The gifts, offers and promotions They have always been a hallmark the brand. Here's a kit with food toy KFC.

KFC-3Fried chicken franchise world's most famous It is immersed in the midst of launching a new design, which it has now reached only a small percentage of restaurants and Year 2017 you can enjoy at least in the 70% from them. Hopefully one is that of your city.



The first Wendy’s It was inaugurated in the city of Columbus, Ohio 1969.

Wendys-1Inside a store, which he had to close last 2007.

Wendys-2In 1970 Wendy's was the first chain to introduce the Self-service to ask without getting off the car and enjoy a truly fast service.

Wendys-3In 2012 chain made a major renovation of its brand image.


Pizza Hut

Here you have The first Pizza Hut, opened in 1958 with a total cost of $600 in Wichita, Kansas.

Pizza-hut-1Pizza Hut string became Year 1971 and he incorporated the red roof on the logo to solidify a striking brand image.

Pizza-hut-2Nowadays, this franchise is the sister of Taco Bell and KFC, what has come to become Fast Food company or larger fast food in the United States of America.

Pizza-hut-3In the United Kingdom, Pizza Hut launched a promotion that allowed reuse pizza boxes to get a small DJ mixer.


Taco Bell

Here you have the first Taco Bell, founded in 1962.

Taco-bell-1The chain was founded by Glen Bell in San Bernardino (California), a neighborhood with a large community of Mexican immigrants, perfect for experimenting with selling cocina Tex-Mex

Taco-bell-2In parallel to the success of Taco Bell, the group PepsiCo (Pizza Hut owner) he opened his own restaurant chain Tex-mex, known as Taco Kid. The result is a failure, He tried buying Taco Bell to finally get in 1978 by 125 millions of dollars.

Taco-bell-3This is one of the restaurants specializing in Mexican food franchise 50 years later.


More of 50 years of evolution in the image of Fast Food

As we have seen, major fast food chains in the US have been gradually changing the image of their restaurants for adapt to the times, and offer even better service to its customers.

Even in Spain, the country with more bars per capita in the European Union with a strong tradition of tapeo, most of these fast food chains have triumphed, and continue its expansion.

Mcdonalds-7We must not forget that the restaurant industry is one of the most important and sustainable economic engines of a country, an important generating economic activity and employment where fast food chains have an important role, for many young people being a good choice for a first job.

In any case, It is fun to watch the evolution of the image of each of these chain restaurants, of course, the Fast Food never cease to amaze. Is it pure marketing innovation? We believe that a little of both.

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