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The hotel and restaurant: industry where future work is fired


In one of my previous articles I talked about the study that was conducted Turijobs which it was mined in 2017 He had increased 30% the total number of jobs related to the catering sector; an indicator really positive and, especially, we should make you think seriously about the future of industry.

This time, I cross the study cited above in the technical note prepared by the Observatory for Analysis and Economic Development of Internet (buildin) in collaboration with Google, in which it participates my friend Andrés Pedroza, and whose mission is to contribute to the development of the digital economy in Spain, from the analysis of the main trends shaping the scanning process our economy and, with that, competitiveness.

In Spain, We depend heavily on the service sector, This is real. The hotel has a great weight on GDP and, although tourism, attracted by our climate and our gastronomy, It helps maintain the stability of the hoteliers Business, these They must be transformed to meet the needs of new customers.

According to the extracted data from the study, with appropriate policies and incorporating new technologies values ​​and principles of a more technical way digital economy to new workers, he GDP per capita would increase from the current 24.000 euros to 33.000 It expected for the year 2030, some data to be taken into account to study and implement in business. further, the same study warns of the high probability of increasing the total number of employees in more than 2 millions of people, of which 0,6 million would work in the hospitality industry.

The catering sector takes the last two decades growing and gaining importance. And this is not the best, The best is always yet to come. According to sources from INE, For the year 2025 it is anticipated that the total percentage of employees touch the 25%, the highest use of different occupations. We may be doing something right, ¿no?

Restaurateurs professionals should be aware of what is coming and how other profiles alien to them as industrial engineers or engineers in food biotechnology can begin to be your traveling companions. The restaurants will no longer be just the place where cafes or food served, but the place where new experiences are lived.

But it is virtually impossible to talk about transformation without talking about technology and I mean not only the digital environment restaurants, but also the use of technology to automate daily tasks. Every time we use more technological elements in restoration and, thus, the future of employment in hospitality will be very in tune with technology.

Even so, I have to highlight certain aspects that could be considered essential for the hospitality industry to be the employer of the future. First, if anything I have clear, is the need reorienting the education system, transforming to facilitate labor market integration of new generations. New skills and new cycles that enhance the attractiveness of training, mainly, skills related to the digital environment.

Secondly, we must not forget that new technologies, besides putting at our disposal a wide range of data, They require a human mind to be developed and interpreted. This will result in the creation of new jobs, which until now we did not know and, Rebound, profesionalizaremos further our sector with external profiles that will make us better.

In third place, continuing education. Throughout our personal and professional life, we should be shaping us. There are numerous options, free and paid, suitable for any type of profile, but with the executive and university education, as we offer from Gastrouni, through the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero, We demonstrate the reality of life in a catering company and teach them to combine professional part of the staff to achieve success. Only trained professionals will be able to make profitable business and "stay alive" in this competitive market.

Taking into account all aspects that I have mentioned, I am sure that the sector of hotels and restaurants portends a good line growth with a very promising future for the coming years. from Gastrouni, we will do our utmost so that this wonderful sector continues to rise and is the work of the future.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.



  1. As usual, a great article. Thanks Diego.
    Totally agree with everything here expose. We have to mentalizing all who participate in this exciting world of hospitality, we are not the Cinderella tale, and arguments that have potential to become the fairy godmother.
    Let's see if once and for all stop using and working with completely outdated procedures and adapt to present to win the future.
    Greetings to all who live in this passionate activity.

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