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The importance of a good location to open a restaurant


If you are someone who ever raised open a restaurant, or any other hospitality business, surely you've started with a handful of Doubts, at first looks very distant the possibility of seeing realized our idea, but everything is starting.

Hospitality, the first thing about what we think is the restaurant concept that will launch and later, it's time to start studying a Ideally located to open our new business.

In this initial phase of opening a new restaurant we determine the customers to whom we will want to focus, our target audiences, and see if the type of establishment we have thought corresponds with the area chosen.

This stage is very important because, imagine how out of whack that would be a cafeteria menus in an area of ​​very high purchasing power of the city and a gourmet restaurant, aimed at an elite audience in a humble neighborhood.

A good location You can help us achieve success in our business, and will also allow us make up for some deficiencies that we can have in managing the same.

Approaching the target audience of our restaurant

Anyone who decides to be entrepreneur, It will be who best know the real essence of your business, and therefore, the best person to determine what should be your target audience and where is the best location to begin this adventure.

When you sit down to assess which is the best location for a new restaurant, it is advisable to maintain a thorough and thoughtful attitude. First we must make a thorough search through the various districts of the city that meet the above parameters. Once assured the district will study the streets and more accessible local.

How can we know what is the appropriate place for us?

Surely this question will arise, but remember, We must at all times maintain a critical and meticulous attitude. We will look at issues such as proximity to our target audience, the attractiveness of the space itself and access facilities for customers.

Remember that it is useless to open up a restaurant in a busy location if our concept will not cover the culinary needs of the public that inhabits the area.

The closeness of competition

In the next step we look at who will be our neighbors, definitely, our competition. In the case of hotels and restaurants it is given a situation something special, and is that although in principle it may seem inconvenient, the opposite usually happens, that is to say, competition in this sector can be good, creating a zone of continuous traffic of customers that caters to all restaurants.

If we opened our restaurant in a location with competition it will mean that the area has movement, we can do culture and neighborhood support each other to achieve success in our businesses.

By last, we reached a critical point when making the final decision on the location chosen to open our restaurant. The skill in negotiating with rental income property It is a key to greater profitability point when we started a new project. Thinks that secondary streets, which may have a similar major transit, the cost can be much lower, although visibility also, so it is a ratio that need to analyze carefully.

As you have seen, the tour to come to fruition with a new hospitality project, carries much previous work and a fairly comprehensive selection reflection to achieve our goal of choose the right location for our restaurant.

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