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The incredible human story that lurks behind the waiters robots a restaurant Tokyo


The restaurant Dawn ver.v It is peculiar in many ways. Undoubtedly the most apparent is that the tables are served by waiters not flesh and blood, but robots camaraderie humanoid.

He 26 November 2018 It took place the opening ceremony in the restaurant Nippon Foundation Building machines and finally became operational after a long design stage.

The conceptual idea of ​​the restaurant out of the anime Eve no Jikan set in a future where robots are part of everyday life, and where a moral dichotomy represented by those citizens who treat robots as mere tools and people who treat such machines is presented as equal. One of locations in which the story is a bar where humans and robots coexist on an equal footing.

Now this enclave science fiction has become reality. And the news is not so much robotics for restaurants, but what happens behind the scenes. A genuine case of labor integration of disabled persons as never before he had seen.

The Dawn ver.β is triply unique because far from robots implanted in his establishment with the intention to reduce operating costs, it does to give an opportunity to work bedridden they can not develop a normal work activity.

Robots designed for Ory Laboratory, robotics company based in the Japanese capital, They are controlled remotely by people suffering from partial or complete paralysis. Participants direct the actions of PLC from home. OriHime-D, it's called the little droid 120 centimeters high which doubles as a waiter robot, receives and executes orders without question the actions.

No matter what the degree of disability controller; Technical Demonstrator in a Japanese amyotrophic lateral sclerosis affected by select commands using your eyes through eye-tracking technology.

Everyone can work, even those who unable to utter a word. further, the robot da voz. Workers affected with paralysis can write messages from his bed which will then be converted into sound by the processor and speakers robot.

Unfortunately, this beautiful initiative has only been open to the public until 7 from December. At this time the smooth running of the project was demonstrated. Quadriplegics ten employees who participated they perceived a salary of 1000 yens for each hour worked (eight euros) and public opinion was so good that organized a collect crowdfunding which he brought about 12 000 euros, whose aim was to prolong the period of operation of the local.

Although Dawn ver.β could not be kept open for longer, its leaders have promised that Dawn ver.β the restaurant which advocates the employment of disabled people back in 2020 if the public interest does not decline.

From Spain, We send all our support for the Dawn ver.β reopen soon.

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