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Innovation as a strategy for a restaurant


There is little doubt. The key success factors of organizations in a complex and changing as the current market they are identified after emerging concepts such as knowledge, intellectual capital and innovation. Something that we can not and must not ignore the companies that provide services to the public, to other companies or entities.

What new meaning cobra innovation and value of corporate culture of a restaurant?, What changes in the approach we should adopt regarding methodologies and interventions when access to information is widespread? The answers, definitely, They should come from coherent and imaginative solutions; coherent, with our strategy and company values, e imaginative as a result of adaptation to a new and challenging environment that demands personalized interventions, involvement with the problem and valid and capable partners.

The issues raised, Fortunately, also it offers a small clue to finding the solution. It seems need to use the talent and creativity to "reinvent" the way of relating with customers and, on the other hand, strengthen our intellectual capital aware that, in restaurants is measured by the standards of service quality, the price and the effectiveness and impact of results.

Differentiate through innovation

To mark the differentiation through innovation, the basic bet involves focusing on a small group of customers that can provide true value from the internal knowledge of their culture, its strategy and its challenges. Tying the maximum these relationships and thus defining, jointly, collaborative links medium and long term. Only by knowing our client we can turn good ideas into viable projects.

Somehow, always from innovation approaches, We try to establish a system of collaboration with the client based on the plurality of roles. Why our client can not be our partner in a wider project? Why not do the same customer is turn-prescribing provider of the services we need, thus narrowing the will to work together? If it comes to looking for synergies that fidelicen is necessary to revise the traditional roles scenario in which we have placed a priori.

The big differentiator in the way of understanding leads us to incorporate service innovative elements to improve performances bygone. A) Yes, creativity must be permanent "attitude" on how to design and undertake new actions from our kitchen, our environment and our service.

Work in the area of ​​a restaurant constantly undertakes to apply lateral thinking: generate and evaluate all possible alternatives before starting work on one of them, as solutions applied in an intervention are not directly transferable to other, since the variables "never" are the same.

Value added: seek differentiation from competition

The latest Labor Force Survey (EPA) shows that the number of workers in the hospitality sector reached in the second quarter of this year the number of 1,51 millions, what represents a 6,7% more than a year ago.

As stated in the Spanish Federation of Hotels, is the first time in the historical series that exceeds Spain 1,5 million workers in the sector during second quarter. The maximum is usually reached in the third quarter every year, which usually marks the peak period of occupation following the arrival of the peak tourist months (July and August).

According to the latest data collected by the national federation, in our country there 1,7 restaurants for every 1.000 people. Such establishments account for 24% the hospitality sector, which also they include bars, cafes and tourist accommodation. Barcelona and Madrid the greatest number, followed by Valencia. There are now open 79.397 restaurants, but, What I bid to differentiate of the others 79.396 competitors?

The weight of the services sector in our economy requires a strategic approach to contemplate future, developing innovation part of their own way or, at least, providing a certain capacity for cooperation become more competitive in an ever-changing market. If you do not innovate, If you do not create value, definitely, Ad your death as establishment. O espabilas o te espabilan.

About the Author

Doctor of Economics and Director of the Graduate School of the European University of Valencia. With extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative projects in companies and organizations. Under a competitive and innovative prism he has worked on creating new products and services, and more efficient ways to manage a business and make it profitable.


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