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Innovation in delivery comes from the hand of HotTechDelivery and its heated thermal bag


The HORECA sector has undergone a great transformation in recent months. The pandemic, with its restrictions and confinements, has forced restaurants to modify the traditional business model and diversify customer service.

The reduction of spaces and hours to serve in their own premises has led to the exponential growth of the option of home service (delivery), which will undoubtedly continue to increase in the future. It is The delivery boom has given rise to new business opportunities and for this reason HotTechDelivery®.

When we order food at home, the restaurant situation often slows us down. If it's far, food gets cold and loses its characteristics. HotTechDelivery® has been able to make good use of the needs that the new situation required and has created a heated thermal bag what assures to restaurants a preservation of all its production processes, so that quality is not impaired by shipping.

Thanks to the conservation of temperature, food arrives at your customers' home without humidity, crispy and tasty just out of the kitchen. It preserves all its nutrients and vitamins and prevents the appearance of bacteria or viruses during transport.

further, the thermal inertia of the HotTechDelivery® bag increases the business area, why allows you to deliver multiple orders in a single trip and go further. In summary, the thermal bag provides organoleptic and logistical advantages

HotTechDelivery® It is the result of the union of two entrepreneurial partners, that have been able to adapt quickly to the new circumstances and demands of the sector to offer an innovative product that benefits both restaurateurs and customers

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  1. a great idea, easily adaptable to any restaurant that wants to expand its radius of action, and with an elegant presentation.
    A great "plus" in these moments where the competitiveness in delivery is so high, since maintaining the characteristics of the food, is the main thing.

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