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Artificial intelligence and business intelligence 'made in Spain’ Conquers the large US groups restoration. and Europe


MAPAL Software, the Spanish company specializing in online Management solutions and Business Intelligence for restoration, They are using today over 5.000 establishments, He has presented its strategy of international expansion in Europe and US.

MAPAL customers include Software, restoration groups is of major brands such as Burger King, KFC, The Cut it, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Five Guys, O Taco Bell, among others; Skylight or independent groups as Bestiario; as well as gastronomic references BCN 5.0-Grup Iglesias (Tickets, slim, Saint leaf, Spai Kru, Rias de Galicia ...), Dani García Group; up small businesses such as TBO.

Gihrinet, automation and optimization of operations

Gihrinet is a integrated management platform and business analytics (WITH A) online, designed specifically for improve profitability restoration business through automation and optimization of its business processes.

As she explained her Founder and CEO, Jorge Lurueña, “for example, engine optimization shifts, based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, It allows increase productivity by 14%. The application of automation systems operations and audits can make a difference to sales of a 30% between local. Or the use of preventive maintenance systems, generate savings of 1,5 percentage points on net sales. Definitely, "Gihrinet, is the engine that drives operations and profitability Restaurant”.

GIRNet covers Main areas of back office of a catering business as Personnel Management, Operations and Audits, Business analytics, Finance and Forecasts, Equipment and Maintenance, Customer satisfaction. GIRnet easily integrates with other solutions: TPVs, Accounting, payrolls, ERPs, etc.

Sustained growth and international expansion

Positive results in large international groups such as AmRest -More group restoration of Central and Eastern Europe, more than 1.650 Local Areas-brand or group Elior group for channel travel, present in 12 European markets, plus US, Latam and China- He has made their choice GIRNet, MAPAL Software as a global solution for international settlements.

"The confidence of these leaders validates the quality and differential value of our solution, against other suppliers with established presence in competitive markets like the US. This, bound to the strong position of the company, profit from birth, with sustained growth of 55% He has needed without using external financing, He made us move towards a company with global presence and scope”, Jorge exposed Lurueña.

The company has opened offices in Warsaw, from where it will serve the area of ​​Central and Eastern Europe; and Miami, where will attend the American market.

R & D and cutting-edge technologies at the service of restoration

MAPAL Software considers it essential specialization, understand very well the catering sector, but also have experts on advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or software development. Because, You have created a multidisciplinary team with experts in HoReCa, data scientists, mathematical, engineers, UX programmers and currently reaches 40 people. Of them, he 20% is specifically dedicated to toil R & D.

MAPAL Software is the first company to develop a exact engine optimization turns automatic restoration, based technologies Artificial intelligence Y Machine Learning.

"Our mission is to make the complex easy. Because, we use the latest technologies to provide operators catering management solution and most advanced analytics market, but, both, Very easy to use, with which automate their business processes and maximize profitability. further, when a solution cloud, marketed as' payment service’ (SaaS), It allows attractive prices and a return on investment very quickly”, He has developed Lurueña.

Specialization and optimization, keys for digital processing

MAPAL Software was born in 2008 hand of a group of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the managing restaurant chains and retail. The need for tools adapted to the peculiarities of this type of business is what led to Jorge Lurueña, Company CEO, to lead the implementation of MAPAL Software and develop GIRNet, the reference solution.

In this sense, Jorge Lurueña expressed: "The advancement of technologies, connectivity and mobility have allowed developments specifically designed for restoring, Cloud and payment service mode“. To which he added, “this enables scanning can reach all areas of operation, and businesses of any size. Because the true digital transformation goes beyond the use of some technological tools isolated, but a strategic decision to make more efficient and profitable each of the business processes and generate real impact on the income statement”.

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