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The Mafia sits to the table to enjoy the 5 senses of his new letter


The Mafia sits at the table is a franchise that takes care of the details of its gastronomic offer and for that reason we knew that the presentation of his new letter, in its setting 4 Torres, La Castellana Madrid, we would not disappoint. And indeed, It was an evening to remember and not only for its flavors, but with each and every one of the five senses.


Taste treats… and ears

And is that, new dishes we tasted scoop, the voices of two opera singers joined, hidden between service to wear the uniform of waitresses. They made several interventions over dinner, but the first caused all eyes and objectives were directed towards them, causing great surprise among all diners. The singers entertained dinner with their appearances and were responsible for firing her with a lively To fly, chanted and applauded by all participants.

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-2But, but the surprise was pleasant for presents, the stars of the night were still the new members of the Charter of the Mafia He sits at the table. Under the hashtag #Bienvenidoalafamilia, we can again enjoy these tasty and colorful dishes in different social networks, since they were shared by the guests, In its great majority influencers related to lifestyle and gastronomy.

The new menu La Mafia sits at the table

The menu started two warm salads to open mouth, one of the sponsors of the event as it was Florette. The Calasetta, a salad in which pistachio and honey vinaigrette was tasty touch and Di Rulo di Capra Gratinato, topped with a slice of goat cheese half melted. Also from the moment we started tasting drinks, with another sponsoring brands very present in all tables, Estrella Galicia.

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-7Ensalada Of Rulo Goat GrattinatoLa-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-9Sorrentino duck and foie gras with mushroom sauce, Italian sausage and Pedro Ximenez reduction

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-10Grilled octopus with paprika and roasted potato

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-12Then they served the first, among which highlighted the Risotto of mussels and duck and foie Sorrentino with mushroom sauce, so soft that melted in the mouth. Then came the pizzas, and though their stomachs were full, We did everything possible to try the Veneciana, where highlighting the cheese mixture and, especially, the Porchetta, whose flavor truffled mayonnaise It was, In my opinion, the combination of tasty flavors of the entire presentation.

Risotti Di mussels with saffron cream and zucchini

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-11Pizza Veneciana, with mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola and emmental, braised chicken, reposado tomato, caramelized onions and walnuts

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-13After trying a few pieces of beef tataki Galician, Sweet spent the end of the evening. Among the desserts we had a carrot cake and other cheese, the perfect finishing touch for dinner.

Galician beef tataki with chimichurri, salt baked potato and Madon


La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-16Carrot cake and cinnamon

La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-Presentation-new-card-15The Mafia sat us to introduce ourselves to your table new dishes, developed by his department and R & D product, and the welcome could not be warmer. Even with all these delicious flavors present on the palate, we can only to welcome the new letter this family of Italian-Mediterranean and expect to continue to surprise us with their ingredients for many years.

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