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The Mafia sits at the table launches its own line of eau de perfum

  • The latest addition to the well-known restaurant chain is not eaten but has its best flavor.
  • The Mafia sits at the table presented Friday its first water from perfume with aroma of Truffle Pizza.

Next day 28 from December, After many months of work and research, at last, Aragon teaches will release her first fragrance, with which it hopes to delight pizza lovers.

This new fragrance, dubbed "Pizza Tartufata", It will be available initially on the web (https://lamafia.es/nuevo-perfume-la-mafia) and restaurants of teaching. The launch of this eau de perfum lead a campaign in different channels and counted for it with known influencers, who already they have had access to exclusive fragrance.

Among them they are: @doit_cool @nerearesa @mamisybebes @hans_varadelrey @pilar_ohmyblog @rocio_ohmyblog @soymiguellorenzo @saquitodecanela

Some of his comments have been: "I do not I have to wait to go to La Mafia sits at the table to enjoy its aroma. Now it is much better because I'm the one who smell all day tartufata pizza! Wherever I go I say "yummy smell!”. @rocio_ohmyblog

Many of our regular customers ask for this fragrance, with idea to give it to their partners, so we thought it might be a good idea and started working on developing it. "" he highlighted with notes of truffle, so recognizable in this pizza ".

This fragrance can be the perfect gift for lovers Reyes of Italian gastronomy.

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