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Some days ago, while imparting my online class of the course Delivery Marketing y Dark Kitchen in the Diego Coquillat School, and after explaining how to conduct a market analysis on Geodelivery, I decided to share with my students the case study of Freshperts Group, in every class we analyze a practical case about a relevant agent in the sector, and for this I invited Sergi Zacariadis to participate in the class, Group CMO, who explained to us in detail the evolution of his project, as well as the challenges it faces.

The Freshperts Group was born in 2011 with your first brand Sushifresh, which most likely places you as the first Dark Kitchen that was created in Spain. Today they have 14 brands, eight of them virtual, They operate in four ecommerce and have developed the first App with multi-letter technology that allows, in the same order, request different dishes from different brands of the group, making a single delivery to the customer.

The original idea was absolutely revolutionary, create a Japanese food product that could be sold through a digital or virtual restaurant; as they said, the competition were restaurants that had a website, and they wanted to be a website that had restaurants, but yes, totally online. It was an absolute turnaround at the time, fundamentally based on a digital business, Facing the prospect of selling raw fish on the internet was little more than insane back then, as Sergi himself told us.

From the beginning they were very clear that know every detail of your customers and an optimized database, was going to become one of the key pillars in the development of his project. All that experience and information obtained with a lot of effort during these last 10 years, based on transactions, in active listening and thousands of surveys conducted, it has generated the knowledge to better understand the market, address the needs of its customers and face the new challenges of the sector's digital transformation process. All this has been the origin of the different brands and verticals that have been launched during these years, always with the main objective of adding value, trying to launch unique and differentiated proposals to the market.

In the year 2015, Sergi explained to us, that as a result of a client's request, and in this obsession he continues to always listen to his consumers, decided to launch a service that would allow its users to order different dishes and products in different group restaurants; by then aggregators were already exerting a dominant pressure on the market, and this was a very relevant differential value, as Due to its structure, it is difficult for the major players in the market to bet on this type of service, at least in the short term.

Sergi also gave us his opinion at that crossroads in which the sector finds itself, between the choice or combination of own channels and external channels for the distribution of the product, recognizing that in this last decade it had gone through different phases in this particular aspect, but he believes that promoting own channels is a risky bet, but without a doubt, the best among the options that exist, since at the other end, working exclusively with external platforms is very volatile and very unstable; they are a very good complement if they are not the main sales channel. basically the business must evolve through its own channels, and a percentage with aggregators, and as long as you can get a very good relationship with them, since being about to be, does not add any value.

Regarding the strategy of marketing for customer acquisition in the delivery y dark kitchen, affirmed that the initial phase in the relationship with it is very important, but loyalty and recurrence is absolutely vital since the customer's acquisition cost has doubled in recent years, but having the data allows them to improve recurrence and ultimately make that investment profitable initial, with a much lower cost, since they can relate to that client through a multitude of channels and also know their tastes and digital traceability. If you work only with aggregators, the customer's data is from the platform and you never have a direct relationship with it, stated in the Sergi class.

Therefore, the three lines to work within the marketing for hospitality or dark kitchen businesses that want to increase and improve their ratios in delivery marketing would be: mainly have your own sales channel meets user expectations, that is increasingly demanding. From now on, and once you've gotten me to choose you, seek excellence in the product you offer and on delivery, definitely, in everything that surrounds the experience of eating. And finally, the third necessary pillar is customer service and active listening mainly through surveys and a good loyalty program that increases the frequency and recurrence of the client.

We finished the participation of Sergi Zacariadis in the Delivery Marketing class, stating that 2020 had been radically different from 2019, and that 2021 it would also be different from its predecessor, where the challenge of your projects is to survive the war between the different platforms that they are breaking the market in a certain way, with prices and products that should be disappearing, to consolidate a large delivery market, and with a major challenge of re-educate the client so that he understands that making two clicks on his mobile and receiving a perfectly prepared plate of food in 20 minutes at home, is almost touching magic, and this implies a great coordination effort, teamwork and efficiency that cannot have a value of € 1.90.

Thank you very much to Sergi for dedicating his time and telling us with such passion how the Freshperts Group has evolved, undisputed benchmark in the Spanish delivery market, which addresses with the guarantees of experience and work the great challenges faced by a market that is growing exponentially and accelerated by the impact of the pandemic and changes in consumer habits.

In the following classes of the Delivery Marketing and Dark Kitchen Course at Diego Coquillat School We will continue to analyze other case studies in order to provide students with a real vision, practical and current of what happens in the Delivery industry.

I share some links of the projects of the Freshperts Group for those readers who want access to more information:

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