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The magic of unboxing’ reaches gastronomy


According Wikipedia, unboxing is an English word that defines the unpacking of products, especially high-tech consumer, where the process is recorded and uploaded to the Internet. The article is explained in detail and, sometimes, can also be shown. It seems that this art of taking things out of boxes in front of a camera was born in the year 2006 with the unpacking of a telephone Nokia E61.

This custom of displaying the unpacking of products, has diversified in recent years in an incredible way, with all kinds of gadgets, from makeup, clothes, home appliances, collections, even toys and a multitude of colorful items. Of course, viralized by social networks, especially Youtube.

But I had never had too close a relationship with restaurants or gastronomy, although this seems to be starting to change, and in this era where the digitization of gastronomy is accelerating in a multiplicative way, we are assisting with some frequency to the incorporation of digital terms that until now had gone unnoticed by the sector or at least they were not frequent.

The inclusion of a good part of the hospitality sector, and especially those of the great chefs in delivery or home delivery, It has generated a very curious accelerated process of innovation that It consists in transferring some of the excellences and emotions that customers enjoy in the restaurant room, to the living room of their houses, and it seems, that unboxing becomes important in that magical moment.

Boxes, bags or packages, they have become the plating of the new trays of those Waiters of Exterior, as that's what we called them in the year 2017 in this article “Waiters outer, Revolution service (no) living room”, they hide, in addition to an attractive gastronomic proposal, surprises, expectations and even emotions, that are capable of captivating clients that until a few days ago only occurred in the face-to-face space of restaurants. And that the latter, are responsible for transferring to social networks in the form of “digital tips”.

And is that, that's what the New Hospitality, transfer elements that are intrinsic and typical of restaurant experiences, to the spaces and contexts that the client chooses thanks to the technology available. hospitality, the restaurants and the chefs are working on “modo delivery”, thinking and rethinking what are the key points in the new relationship with their customers and differentiate, not only in the product or in gastronomic proposal, but also in the new customer service.

Terms like unboxing, geolocation, usability, smart data, that during these last weeks I do not stop listening, today they are already part of the gastronomic jargon of restaurants and customers.

Some chefs, as in the case of David Muñoz, they generate enormous expectations through social networks, preparing and explaining the product that their clients will later taste at home, by way of videos and tutorials “Howto” that flood social networks.

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Here is the explanation of how this gastronomic journey to the world ends ❌⭕️ in your home!!!!! @elgoxo has no creative limits, we will soon develop many new surprises !!!!

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Others, like the delivery version of Coque, CoquettoGO, with those outdoor waiters transporting those boxes ready to taste the best product. They are a great temptation to share an authentic gastronomic unboxing on your favorite social network.

The discipline of Delivery Marketing, that we already teach at the Diego Coquillat School, will be vital in the strategy and positioning of this new digital market, where it won't take long to see hundreds of influencers specialized in different themes viralizing those gastronomic unpacks, of the most select restaurants in your city through your YouTube or Instagram channels.

The doubt that arises, is if with this acceleration in innovation and with the sum of the shared knowledge of thousands of minds looking for that new excellence, the experience transferred to the homes, will come to match or beat, the face-to-face experience, as it already seems to be happening in some other sectors, like fashion. Restaurants are self-generating a new competition to what was their traditional service, in an absolutely favorable context for this new option that without limitations grows virally as fast as the virus that accelerated it.

Maybe restaurant selfies, have gone on to become the unboxing of homes. Enjoy your meal!

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