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The largest company in home delivery food in South Korea will have a fleet of robots cast in 2022


Casting robots They are the new fashion. One that, Unlike many other, It is here to stay. A) Yes, attended weekly news catering sector that deal with the topic: the appearance of Kiwibot, the expectation that this market niche tripling its economic volume here 2024, the concerns of employees who see technology safe destruction of employment, etc.

This time the news comes from the Far East, specifically South Korea. There the scene of home delivery of food is not dominated by the usual players.

Ni Deliveroo, ni Just Eat, ni Uber Eats They have made a significant piece of the pie in the south of the Korean Peninsula. It is an untapped market for foreign companies, also difficult to enter because there is a foreign company that delights consumers in South Korea. Is about Baedal Minjok, service created by the company Woowa Brothers Corp. founded by Kim Bong-jin.

In just three years they plan to be making deliveries of orders coming into the app by sharing mobile robots. To do this just to get a capital 320 million through funding agencies as Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital y GIC. This money will go for the development of the prototype that could see the light this year.

With market forecasts published by Markets and Markets Research Private Ltd. to which we alluded at the beginning of the article, Woowa Brothers Corp. It has taken the initiative to make a huge investment and maintain its hegemony in this untapped market. According to the words of Kim: "We have shown we can generate money, so we prefer to take the time to make more aggressive investments. We must change and experience at all times ".

Although the home delivery of food is on your side, with its rapid and sustained growth planned for the next five years, we must bear in mind that Baedal Minjok offers services in all markets: revistería, Consumer electronics, articles any market, etc. Total, perceived revenues of 180 000 million won in 2017 (some 141 millions of euros), figure has only increased since then. The market value of the company today stands at 2500 millions of euros.

Citizens of Seoul and other major Korean cities where it operates Baedal Minjok are already expectantly for the arrival of the Casting robots. Some residents will feel more comfortable dealing with robots, They are believing that are safer than human deliverers. While, others are concerned about the difficulties they may experience the biggest users less accustomed to making digital transactions.

Kim Bong-jin has built one of the six largest companies in the stage of South Korea thanks to its determination and commitment to technology, and its employees are overturned with him thanks to the work plan 35 weekly hours, leader in the country. How far will come? Only they know.

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