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The best collection of posters toilets of restaurants for 'piss of laughter’ o no


Have you ever you've got wrong and you've entered the bathroom you should not? That's because the restaurant owner had not seen this list to choose an original poster for your toilet, that does not lead to doubts and errors.

Go to a public restroom can always be a 'religious experience’ and a little traumatic for some, so far the rule marked on the door of urinary apareciesen two stick figures on a poster in black colors predominated, White and blue. A rag doll with skirt (in the world of toilets women always wear this garment) Y, a puppet without it, it is assumed that pants (It is that these posters were invented when women still wore no pants).

Something as simple as a poster bathing can make people remember your restaurant. But not only is that, but to find a coherent theme throughout the establishment and making the sign 'toilet’ is one element of it. In this case, poster bathroom is so common that just a small change can draw the attention of our customers. Do not you think so? Perhaps when we go to someone's house for the first time we do not feel the urge to 'know how has the bathroom'?

Surely you've met once with an unusual sign that meant to be funny, creative and resourceful, although it is difficult to achieve in most cases, at least, We have captured the attention of the customer, surely, I will comment when he returns to the table.

So there is no confusion in the attempt to be original, Here is a collection of posters of toilets of restaurants for your inspiration:

You can try to be witty or original and end up falling on sexism. Not all women talk as Jorge Javier Vazquez and this should enter into the first bath. But equally the error is mine and this place will not separate by sex but by talkative or reserved. I can not help more, only wish luck.

It is now clearer and vintage. You do not have to have a special like Dalí mustache to go to the bathroom, I do not even think it necessary to look that little fuzz púber.

Therein evacuate or employees of the Almighty are fought. So even the cloistered convents can be passed off wit.

It has already become clear that here we do not support discrimination or gender nor planet.

Monigotes renew or die.

No room for the imagination of what might happen in, in the end, we all know, but not always so glamorous glisten. It is admirable.

The Eastern world also has its needs. Perfect for a restaurant of this subject.

No architect so ingenious outside the world of toilets. Or as another, Think of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona.

The only requirement is to think of the skill of your customers with English. Neither you will like you to make him feel uncomfortable.

As much as it euphemistically enmascaremos the bathroom is going to be and what men do women standing and sitting. clear graphical representation and somewhat bawdy.

More monigotes that leave no doubt.

Although not tell us, Riding Hood and the Wolf both had their needs. If there is room in your restaurant to reminisce childhood or know that parents often turn their children, It may be an option.

let's remember, they do them standing and sitting.

With the noose around… Attentive to the shape of the rope and its subtle simile.

If your restaurant dominates the minimalist aesthetic… but do not reject any excess.

The game is very basic, pizza piece knights engage the recess of the female toilet pizza. Who does not like pizza?

Symbols indicating the male and female sexes but Reinvented.

And if your restaurant is more exotic… Let us move to tropical Africa.

This poster of traditional aesthetics is not out but this is an internal struggle I had in a while and still had not seen in any establishment. Men and women change their children, there's no more.

Restaurant bathrooms poster collection-22The mirror always tells the truth, o no, and everything is in The Simpsons. In this case the analysis of reality is perfect. But neither they are always burly Apollos disappear and never lose a few pounds obsession.

Restaurant bathrooms poster collection-23Restaurant bathrooms poster collection-24Restaurant bathrooms poster collection-25They will forgotten items for customers in a fit of passion? What is clear is that subtlety is not the strong point of these restaurateurs but, at least, customers will not hesitate at the door. Although just they confuse the indication with a sordid invitation. That without stopping to analyze the elegance or lack thereof of these garments.

Restaurant bathrooms poster collection-26If the brightness of the trays has not yet blinded you, we can see St. George slaying the dragon for them and for them a siren, that is to say, a woman with cola. It is best that this tacky aesthetics does not predominate in the local, personal advice.

The system is simple, the shoes, simply, ugly. The idea is original just need a little polish to not spoil the aesthetics of the entire restaurant.

Madelman for them and Barbies for them. Although both girls and boys can play with both, I think this will be the system.

Monigotes simple but totally practical. It seems, Besides, that her body forms a 's’ Lady and him a pointy 'c’ knight.

They think 'shopping’ (shopping) and they in 'football', very typical, trite and unoriginal.

More clear, impossible. Subtler certainly yes.

Posters with an aesthetic hairdressing. A new service for customers of your restaurant?

What the toilet is timeless. These posters may be right for your restaurant with a cosmetic set in another era.

Waiting in the bathrooms sometimes tough.

Roger Rabbit y Jessica Rabbit. It is clear but, yes, It will be more appealing if you fit the aesthetics of your restaurant.

For them, rabbit, unsubtle. Gorilla I leave it there for what may unravel.

“¡Ey, baby!”, he seems to say. That phrase of mind we should all tell us in the mirror every morning.

Sometimes, it is best to relax. Patience recommends this hotelier.

I've been criticizing the lack of subtlety a long time and, this is surpassed. While analyzing the appeal of the place…monigotes these seem to be the least. The first thing is health, We often say.

sleeker, less svelte, young boys, Adults, the act of going to the bathroom makes us all equal.

Restaurant bathrooms poster collection-43All the beer you know you have to go out. Though he carried the jar to the bathroom just an act to be analyzed seriously.

Choose those that best fit your restaurant and your customers. Choose road signs headed, subtlety and without sexism, please. The variety is huge.

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