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Human history the best I've seen in a restaurant


Today I'll tell you one of those fantastic stories of life that has deeply touched me for many reasons.

Tim is the protagonist, It is the second of four brothers, has 25 years and its history begins in the year 2004 in El Dorado High School in California, when you elected student of the year by his peers, teachers and all school staff.

That “Magic” Special to relate to people made a restaurant Albuquerque New Mexico (USA), give him a chance, hiring him to receive customers and appoint his desk.

His companions were impressed, They had never seen anyone like Tim, I was able to connect with customers, make them feel special and fidelizarlos, getting them back again and again.

This provoked a great reflection on Tim, because it was something that really fascinated, the world of restaurants and human relations.

His parents also realized the great virtue that Tim had with clients and therefore decided to leave to Roswell to form the University of Eastern New Mexico, Getting graduating 2008 catering services.

He also combined his studies with sport, winning many medals in basketball, hockey, volleyball, athletics and golf.

But the big day arrived and the 1 October 2010, Tim fulfilled his dream, open his own restaurant, He became the owner of Tim's Place, a typical American breakfast and restaurant meals, but with a single star dish… special hugs Tim.

You want to know Tim?

I multitude of reflections occur about the wonderful life story of Tim, but I prefer this article everyone does their personal reflection.

Tim’s Place

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