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The 'Mise en Place’ digital


For a long time and thanks to the development of my theory of the 5P's, which explains the impact of digital transformation process in the global restaurant industry, I have been keeping an axiom that sums up very easily change experienced by the customer in their dining experience by incorporating digital elements in the same.

And is that Today customers, they are much before going to the restaurant and remain once their experience ends. Disruptively what changes the concept of customer service we had until a few years ago, where this was face, starting and finishing on site.

Technology elevates a new category the concept of 'Mise en Place’, this set of organizational tasks required to prepare a restaurant a turn before the arrival of customers, since first face elements and digital elements that should enrich and improve the overall customer experience merge.

Perhaps where we have put more emphasis on the process of digital research so far it has been in the post-classroom, what we call online reputation. Knowing the opinions, comments or criticism once the customer has finished their dining experience It has become one of the biggest obsessions sector, powered by great technological portals like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

These have become the necessary elements to create a marketplace that facilitates like never before had done, what the opinions to flow between customers and restaurants, and that anonymous now have the status of recommenders.

And it is to be among the top of these rankings guarantees an enormous relevance It allows to achieve a greater prestige and digital display, which undoubtedly they are essential nowadays to attract the new customers, where this equation reaches its best if we talk about tourists or foreign visitors.

The technology allows our customers to know before going to the restaurant

It seems that a new stage begins, where technology is proposing that the effort the pursuit of excellence the preliminary stage of the classroom experience diner is also moved. We want to know the tastes, customs and hobbies customers before they go to the restaurant because it seems clear that this ultra-personalization manages to convey emotional elements that generate a perception of the service like never before I had valued.

In this newspaper some time ago I wrote an article entitled “The Apple Watch will help improve the management of the room restaurants” which explains how the use of smart watches will allow The name of our customers and information on their tastes.

As well, in another article I defined a new era based on online reputation reverse, which he explained how in the future will be those who value restaurants customers in order to meet them and improve their dining experience.

As well, it seems that all this is taking shape and some applications of digital reserves and allow customers to write notes and share them with the rest of the restaurant community in real time with the aim of getting to know these before they appear by the restaurant and customize the experience based on your tastes.

Clearly there is a direct correlation between prior knowledge of customer tastes and habits, and valued as high quality service. Access this big data certainly it helps improve the perception of the service by customer.

But as we see in the chart below, Very few restaurants that actually take notes tastes of its customers, more than 50% profiles that are in the application of American reserves Losers It has less than a note of diners.


Sincerely, It reminds me of A few years ago when they also were very few who they had comments online customer and only in the year 2016 Spain already exceeded 4 million reviews on portals review restaurants.

But if you look at those who have been awarded by the New York Times, he 40% restaurants that define how “excellent” contain notes about your customers, he 21% son “very good” and the 15% those who are “buenos” also they note the tastes of their customers.


Thus, it seems clear that restaurants wanting to create an excellent sense of hospitality, understood from the globality of service, They must devote time and resources previously reported and thus transmit these emotions in a service ultra-pesonalizado.

Of course, those where the service is not the main base of your business will have to consider whether this investment is cost-effective to improve customer experience.

What does seem clear is that technology and not only gives us further information visit our customer, if not that global experience now It is important in qualifying.

The concept of “Mise en Place” acquires its best merging digital innovation with classroom excellence from service. Today is not enough to organize the basic elements required in both the kitchen and the room for one shift management, these must be added a new essential element, customer knowledge before, during and after the service thanks to the information provided by the big data, allowing transfer this experience to a new dimension never known.

To end, I remember a few words to me Denis Courtiade, Director and Head of Alain Ducasse au Room Plaza Athenee in Paris in the last HOST2016 congress Basque Culinary Center where I had the honor to participate; “when the client has the restaurant is when true service begins”, perhaps now thanks to digital transformation we should also think “when the client has not yet arrived when the restaurant is also true service begins”.

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