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The new app of the Mafia sits at the table offers more benefits to its customers through loyalty card Pertutti


Customers The Mafia sits on the table and they can get greater benefits with new app which improves, till the date, It was used to get discounts and make reservations for more than 40 Restaurants brand Italian-Mediterranean cuisine has throughout Spain. In this application it is associated, Besides, the new Pertutti loyalty card.

The Fidelity Club Card Mafia no longer operational, but users can make use of the euro value accumulated until next 30 of June.

To benefit from Pertutti, you have to download the new free app The Mafia sits on the table O, for those who already had previous, update it. The card is exclusively digital and free.

The revamped app, Loyalty Club designed to, It offers more advantages than the previous, plus the option to make reservations at any restaurant brand. The customer can also check the level of loyalty that corresponds, but also access exclusive promotions and sweepstakes, and find your nearest restaurant or download the game 'The Mafia Little Chef'.

Advantages of the card Pertutti

With the card Pertutti, there are direct discounts but they can also circumvent, among the most loyal customers, awards dinner, Ipad, smartbox or theater tickets.

The new card provides three levels of discounts for its users:

  • bronze level: By the simple fact of being Customer, It will perform a 3% off made immediately by eating at the restaurant.
  • level pay: If the last 3 months visiting the restaurant once, will implement a 4% off.
  • gold level: Maximum fidelity has its top prize. If in the last three months you can enjoy the restaurants at least three times, customers can also enjoy a 5% off.

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