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The new technological bet of Domino's Pizza are virtual assistants voice


Admittedly Domino’s Pizza It has always been characterized by its strong commitment to technology for restaurants. So much so that on more than one occasion pizzera company has been an award for its unique role in the adoption of technology in the sector. By the way, They are nominated for The Best Digital Restaurants 2020 in the category of best digital franchise.

In addition to innovative solutions bets and outside the preset frames, Domino’s Pizza It pounces on the digital transformation of the restaurants to pioneer the host of innovations that are coming to the market.

This is the case of chatbots, in catering organized chain were used extensively to boost its presence online social networks and capitalize on in the hearings that occur cited. The chatbots Facebook and other platforms then welcomed a new model, more advanced, virtual assistants compatible with Amazon and Alphabet, Alexa Y Google Home, respectively.

The chatbots Conversational open the door to a new era of customer interaction. The user experience is enhanced without an iota of doubt, as for customers more comfortable vocalise commands and give voice to write information through a chat, especially when these texts are written from the touch keypad of a mobile phone traitorous next generation.

Voice attendees represent a medium with reduced friction; and that, from the point of view of the entrepreneur, It translates into a higher turnover. The ability to control the device by voice is one of the reasons that reduce friction, and according to the words Patrcik Doyle, former director executive of Domino's Pizza, He dedicated to CNBC in 2017, the fact that virtual assistants remain active even when no device out is another reason favoring a more regular use of the device.

"What will happen is that we will see that the voice applications will appear on more and more platforms", Doyle commented during the interview, and continued: "Look at a home and how you interact with Alexa Y Google Home. Ever going to be more common being away from the physical device to the ordering ».

Domino's has opted for chatbots conversational from 2017, providing support for virtual assistants Google Home and Alexa from that year. From that moment they have strengthened their position in this market. First thanks to a collaboration with automakers; Some teams make up the system requests AnyWare. On the other hand, It is software deserves special attention, because it is a platform that aims to unite all avenues through which customers of pizza franchise can run your custom, including from smart TVs smartwatches.

The volume of digital business perceived Domino's Pizza is well above the average of the restaurants. In those establishments presence strategies online working the percentage of the digital business is located below the 30% usually. In the meantime, chain serves to digital via the 60% Customer, and this value increases year after year.

Considering the circumstances, betting on chatbots Conversational and virtual assistants is a winning proposition. While the adoption of these devices is still shy, even in US. UU., it is expected that the number of households that have this type of machines will gradually increase until a critical mass of users is reached, at which technology will become widespread.

You anticipate this trend is a logical move for Domino's Pizza, and the initial movements that have made will position themselves as leaders in this niche will not be very difficult.

In 2020, when competitors not make much noise in this field, Domino's operates an own virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, known as DRU Assist. The application uses VoIP technology to engage with customers, and interprets voice or text conversations in real time thanks to the IA.

With this tool pizza chain gets automate a process computationally demanding at the same time maintaining the customization options that had been offered so far through human partners.

Thanks to new technology for restaurants the company improves the user experience and minimize losses associated with busy signals and inadequate treatment. Not only that, as usual with chatbots traditional, he software It is ready to force promotions and try to get the most out of each transaction. By using the DRU Assist, chain ensures that each sale is maximized, including as many items as possible and giving priority to those products with higher profit margins.

Definitely, the bet of Domino's Pizza by virtual assistants and chatbots new generation is more than justified.

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