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The new face of restoration: hybrid restaurants, virtual, automated, innovative and more


For some years the stage of restoration is undergoing profound changes promoted by the introduction of new technologies on a large scale. It is what has been agreed to call as digital transformation restaurants.

This further adoption of the latest technological innovations in restoration goes hand everyday pervasiveness of similar solutions in the lives of diners. Diners from the use of such applications, They have moved their customs, wants and needs.

A) Yes, in this new era in which digital technology has gained profound importance, consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional catering space. The information flows freely on the internet it has made many people have specific dietary requirements (veganismo, food intolerances, sustainability in food, etc). The accelerated pace of life invites protect the little available leisure time avoiding travel away from home to eat, which it has served broth Perfect for options takeaway and home food delivery who have so strongly rooted in the sector in recent years. And the market is no longer opaque, meaning that all available options for eating out are known, so that Differentiation is key to business success.

So that, it is logical that are recently appearing bold alternatives, innovative and intelligent restaurants lifelong. Here are some of them.

Food trucks or gastronetas

The concept raises this format is simple: bring food wherever you are the customer. This initiative dilutes the space allocated to eat, usually the home or the building of a restaurant. This makes two different ways, according to the specific case. On the one hand with food choices you can eat while walking (tacos, hotdogs, salad bowls and more), but otherwise there gastronetas improvising a small outdoor lounge by folding tables and chairs.

Success food trucks in EE. THE. It has been such that it is difficult to imagine a picture of the busy streets of their cities without these elements in the urban landscape. The food caravan with long queues to taste the unique dishes that serve them are already commonplace and many have sifo the origin of large restaurant chains.

And that is felt in business forecasts this restaurant format. In 2020, US gastronetas receive a whopping 996 million dollars in food sales. A 15% more than 2015, not inconsiderable for a segment that has been operating at full steam from 2008.

The main advantage of these restaurants on wheels, Besides mobility, its the Low initial investment (about one third of that of a traditional local) and the lower operating costs, which they are reduced around a 25% from the standard restaurant lifetime. He hit with consumers and increased economic performance has been enough for major brands of restoration organized as Taco Bell O Chick-fil-A They have launched their own vehicles to roads.

Integrated restaurants in grocery stores

This is the response of the market food stores snapped up by restaurants in the last fifty years.

To combat the loss of market supermarkets have built on their surfaces restaurants. Usually they try to simple proposals such as roasters, distilleries, coffee shops, sandwich shops and similar. Not to forget that managing a grocery store is complex, but if we add that of a restaurant, the complexity of the operation would be almost unfeasible.

Integrated restaurants are having good reception for several reasons. One is that prices in restaurants are much higher than before: the amounts in restoring up to three times faster than in supermarkets because of the costs of salaries of workers.

Another issue to consider is that employees of large areas dedicated to the sale of food to give out products worth 3.6 times higher than restaurants, per employee and average.

finally, 58% customers of the grocery store confirmed the trend of integrated restaurants is here to stay, They find it interesting, and even thank, the possibility of buying prepared meals or ready to take in food stores frequented.

This new format will be an important part of consumers as already 2016 perceived 2400 million visits a year, with some 10 000 million in sales associated.

In Spain we have witnessed a few months ago so the launch of this service by large supermarkets as is the case Mercadona, with his “Ready to eat” and it includes a range of hot and cold dishes preparer serving its millions of customers.

Food halls restoration or markets

Similar to the previous point in appearance but different concept, we have the food halls, what They have proliferated especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, although the capitals of the two Iberian countries already have their own markets bet on restoration: Platea Madrid in Spain and Time Out Market Lisboa Portugal.

He food hall It is a meeting point for all kinds of restaurants, with preference for those who turn away from fast food. Perfect for those with a more traditional character, differentiated. In short, It is a kind of specializing in the restoration mall.

This new format has undergone restoration unparalleled growth in the US. UU., extending at a rate 16 times higher than that of traditional restaurants. In 2015 only existed 70 of these centers across the country, in 2018 and were 180, and it is expected to reach next year 300 meeting points.

Although its implementation in the rest of the world is still in a very early stage, we can find these options markets in Germany, Thailand, Russia, India or Japan.

further, They are occupying large tracts up 4500 square meters are beginning to change for miniaturized versions less than 900 square meter. Similarly, the number of brands that come together in these smaller centers does not reach 20 concepts that may become present in his older brothers.

Virtual restaurants and kitchens strategically located

We talked about two new formats restoration have emerged as a result of the impact of food delivery services at home.

Virtual restaurants, as its name suggests, There are no really. They are simply a interface from which the user can access a menu that would otherwise not exist.

Virtual restaurants take dishes from different cuisines to offer a more extensive menu, to attract the interest Diner. Often they have impossible combinations or unexpected, as they could be authentic Japanese sushi and grilled meat with barbecue sauce.

Unlike virtual restaurants, kitchens with strategic location do exist outside the apps moving companies home delivery food. Even so, have not visited, They are the famous “dark kitchens“.

It is small spaces where the kitchen is unwound template for preparing food orders that are entering through applications Order online. Son improvised local, located on ground with very low cost of leasing and a very good position within the city from which run the distribution of prepared dishes in record time. So that, these cuisines use spaces that otherwise would be unthinkable for a restaurant: clearings, industrial estates, auxiliary in convolutions and similar areas.

These two bets together account a 3.5% of industry sales globally. in the West, where they have had greater implementation, the percentages are somewhat higher (7.2% Y 4.3% Europe and North America respectively), reporting on the high growth potential in other markets.

As long as increased business volume handled by the segment of the takeaways, such alternatives still appear.

Automated services sale

From vending machines to food stores with food prepared fully automated, efforts to reduce staff do not stop.

Eatsa He undertook in 2015 incorporating a vending machine hybrid, in which consumers calling from your mobile terminal and gathered their food in a sort of glass box office when his name appeared on screen. The solution is hybrid since the preparation of food is still done in the kitchen thanks to the skilled hands of the cooks. It is the camaraderie service has really gone.

However, vending machines are becoming more complex, and some carry small incorporated robots. In the case of robotic vending machine for making ice cream Toyo Riki Engineering, in addition to prepare tasty ice cream is a real technological spectacle. The same goes for stations Alberts shakes, and soon befall the same with all those foods whose execution is not too elaborate (pizzas, salads, Macedonians ...).

This led to the concept limit results in automated feed store. As we have previously seen the integration of dining areas in supermarkets is becoming common, so it is logical to go one step further and adapt concepts such as Amazon Go these hybrid initiatives.

In these shops consumers can enter, take the dish they want and leave the premises without interacting with any of the few employees necessary for the proper functioning of the local.

The productivity of these businesses is sky, Amazon Go Y Whole Foods rank fourth and sixth in sales per square meter in the catering sector, one of the best indicators of productivity existing in this market.

The success of Amazon Go, which will hit the 4000 million in sales 2021, having only nine stores today, It has meant that other companies are interested in this new format restoration. For example, Casey’s General Store It is already studying how to apply the lessons learned from the commercial giant Jeff Bezos and apply them to niche pizzerias.

Restoration Contractors

Compax, Aramark, Sodexo... Does anyone sound these brands? Probably not, and this lack of familiarity would not be worth mentioning except for the fact that three of the standards of a market segment which is a restoration 18% of the total. 53 600 million in US. THE., just.

These three companies specialize in provide meals at airports, hospitals, schools, stadiums and similar sites. Compass Group, most of all based in the UK, receives annually 23 200 million in sales, a 9% of the world total moved by this sector.

Substitutes home-cooked meals, food preparation kits and food processors

After popularizing eating out of home, there seems to be an emerging trend to re-prepare meals at home. Why some companies catering and strive to serve these new chefs homespun.

One of the most innovative products are the Kitchen robots low cost that might be available in all households in the future. Prices have dropped enough to restore these new technologies to reach the general public.

But if the robots is not just what is needed, no problem . In several chain stores food as Walmart Y Kroger They begin to appear kits meal preparation, and from 2015 There are companies that specialize in creating such packages (Blue Apron). This niche market has a moderate size, Around a 1% of the total, and the most successful company within it is Hello Fresh, based in Germany and able to generate revenues of 1000 million dollars a year.

The idea is offering a product that avoid food waste in homes, and to facilitate the preparation and acquisition of products, reducing friction involving pots and pans for some little seasoned cooks.

So that, it is clear that the stage of restoration is more alive than ever, evolved to adapt to changing times, restoration acquiring new formats that resonate with consumers and offer solutions to their problems and needs.

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