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The new generation of robots is ready bartenders


The robotics restoration still unstoppable rise. This technological field is one that has Disruptive greater capacity on the market today, and its implementation is still very tenuous, restaurateurs seem to be only work in Japan and US. THE.

Among all possible automatons that can be used to perform repetitive tasks so efficiently and without errors, the waiters are robots that are receiving more attention within establishments.

Robots camaraderie for restaurants are rolling machines or humanoid cart, equipped with sensors that allow them reason for the empty spaces of the premises without bumping into furniture, customers or visitors belongings. Usually they have a tray where to deliver food orders behave at the table. These are arranged on top of the carts or false hands integrated into models Anthropomorphic envelope.

Now, Bear Robotics, Robotics company based in Redwood restoration (California, OF. UU.), updates its most successful model so far, known as Penny, to give greater flexibility to distribute prepared dishes in the restaurant in the tables that diners sit.

This is accomplished with a Interchangeable system trays through which can serve food to several tables during a single shift. A) Yes, Penny 2.0, denomination that has received the optimized version, reduce delivery times and increase the performance of your service. All at the same time.

It is not the only change is identified the waiter robot. The envelope used in the old model has been replaced by a new delineated closest to a cylinder. The brain of the PLC has been updated with better versions software for obstacle detection and plotting routes. The processing unit also has more accurate information, which is obtained by the novel art sensors with which is equipped the machine.

Penny 2.0 was presented during one of the shows that the National Restaurant Association (NRA) US. THE. held throughout the year, Y restorers can now purchase units through the developer, Bear Robotics.

Robotics restoration is still at an early age, but his pioneering application in restaurants can generate invaluable competitive advantages for restorative. The use of disruptive technologies and it has done over the past two decades.

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