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IBM's new patent to distribute coffee through drones


On August 7 he was granted IBM US Patent. THE. US20170174343A1, with Title Cast coffee drone based on the cognitive status of an individual. What lies behind that title so intricate?

The growing market of home food delivery and takeout orders

In recent years we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the way people consume. Gone are the days when the idea of ​​not cooking meant leaving home and go to the selected restaurant for the occasion. Orders to bring gaining ground each year the forms of traditional consumption, and around new consumer habits it has emerged a whole new economy, which it is in a buoyant state as forecasts to 2020 They have a strong and marked upward trend, and there is no expectation that this trend will change in the long run.

This is the reason there are many companies engaged in home delivery food: Grubःub, Deliveroo, Uber EATS, JustEat... They are all household names more or less presence depending on the region in which base their operations.

In addition to these specialized companies to provide delivery services to businesses without own fleet restoration, there are those franchises investing in new delivery models: who they prefer pizza ovens on wheels, cast autonomous vehicles, routes designed by artificial intelligence sharing and even drones that carry orders in the sky that rises above the city.

It seems that IBM, the technology giant, want to bet on technologies that have high demand in the business of the future and unmanned aerial vehicle have patented is the way we have decided to do.

In fact, the paragraph 17 document enters specific details of the suitability of this technological advance. Nowadays he 80% of American adults drink coffee and this percentage is increasing. It is understood that IBM is a market that can not afford to lose.

Drone features sharing described in the patent US20170174343A1

Food distribution using drones is nothing new. Even commercial drones that can be purchased at a hobby shop can take food orders several kilograms over considerable distances. What is special about the drone IBM is not the design, but the operation.

And is that rather than look like a delivery service, the drone serves as a Waiter service outside long distance. I recommend you read this article from our director Diego Coquillat, “Waiters outer, Revolution service (no) living room”.

According to the patent, the device is intended deliver coffee or caffeinated beverages to people who require. Nevertheless, far from acting after receiving the order from a customer, the drone will fly proactively to congregations of people and places waiting well-traveled gestures consumers interested.

For it, the unmanned aerial vehicle (WON) It will be equipped with sensors that allow you to recognize good gesture, While a cognitive state (for example, drowsiness), that could lead to a sale. For practical purposes, We are talking about a coffee vending machine capable of flight and identification of potential customers.

The ways in which these clients are detected no longer impressive; parameters are taken into consideration as sleep quality, The electronic calendar, biometry, blood pressure, dilated, analysis of facial expressions, time that has awakened the goal and analysis of gestures. Some of these metrics require the use of information monitored by the user's mobile device, so a app Registration is predictable.

It is understandable that technology also prove unsettling. It is still unclear how privacy would be protected from passers. IBM eyes of all individuals captured by the camera are users, even if you do not know the service or not intended to be partakers of the same (They are "passive participation users', in the words of IBM).

The UAVs would be equipped with a subjection, tray or basket in which drinks would be set. Also contemplated Patent another possibility, it would equip a dispenser. Device not only be able to complete delivery on-demand, but stimulate consumption at different points of the route traced.

Similarly, preferences of individuals will be considered. There is the possibility of offering lattes, as well as cafes filter. All while four or more rotors accelerate the object hurtling through the sky, after promptness in service and hot coffee.

The future of drones sharing IBM

No doubt the techies inveterate will be fascinated with the possibilities offered by this patent. A future in which you just have to shake a hand for a VANT descend from heaven to deliver coffee or soda is certainly seductive.

However all is not so simple. At Privacy Concerns already we noted earlier, and that some have compared, rightly in our opinion, the series Black Mirror, must be added restrictions imposed by local governments the use of UAVs in the US. THE.

A) Yes, it is logical that before these cuadracopters swarm between the facades of the buildings still going to have to spend many years. Many of them will be devoted to prototype development service, remember that patent does not imply the existence of a functional model, but as many years will be spent in doing all the paperwork that will make this service long distance camaraderie reality.

Definitely, It is an innovation that will not come during this decade, and may not during the next. We'll see if this concept is not forgotten in the drawer of IBM patents, as have many others before.

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