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The paradox of my restaurant, Why if I work twice, won half?


On business trips I have made in recent months, uno de los temas más comentado cuando hablo con los hosteleros es que sus negocios en 2015 They have worked much better than previous years, and that's good for everyone. But always it appears a nuance is that most of them have the feeling that went well because they worked twice, but if we go to the bottom line you have won half. This is devastating.

Not fit on the head of any hotelier that throwing more hours a day in your business, is not reflected in an increase in profit at year end; a question that only solves the management. We must be clear that a restaurant or catering business is a business and that they are created to make money, no son ONG’s, Y to get the maximum profit out must have a basic knowledge in business management.

How I can make money with my restaurant?

Esta gestión integral It combines a production company like cooking, with a service company, room, in which we must seek a balance between customers, workers and property.

A restaurant generates a huge expense to raise the shade only, the more you sell, spenders, many of them have serious problems that are not solved through marketing and are what I call "zombies restaurants" or "ghost restaurants". Business should redesign its business concept and gastronomic or directly close; At this time is when its owners and / or managers realize that, Unfortunately, ear mouth was not enough.

Business mismanagement can cause us to have a 60% Leak money that will directly affect the bottom line of results: Do we control billing, notes and tickets? Do our dishes contain the exact raw material specified in escandallos? ¿We receive and we have everything that we bring suppliers? ¿We record the invitations we do? Do we have indicators and data streams that show us where we are failing?

Aprender a gestionar nuestro restaurante

Because, la formación en la integrated management of restaurants is important and necessary both owners and managers, as middle management and / or cooks.

I am reminded of the words of Ramón God, our teacher on management operations Gastrouniversia, "If I get increase by 3% sales, decrease a 3% purchases and 3% personnel costs, We are doubling our operating result ". Nosotros enseñamos a rentabilizar un 15% -guaranteed minimum- catering business in the Advanced Course in Management Restaurants and F&B Hotelero we have established in Madrid -certified by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos,.

Las estadísticas demuestran que near a 80% from our students They have achieved a professional improvement and 100% of them has acquired a new business vision. The example that has marked me in these years has been to Jesus Ortega, Restaurant owner in Valencia La Lola, who told us: “before placing this formation had a restaurant and was hotelier and now I'm a company and entrepreneur”.

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I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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