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The pizza delivery triumphs with selection # Rusia2018


A World Cup is a great opportunity to share food in front of television, either at home or in a restaurant. He delivery wants to make the best goal championship and some hospitality chains, as well. For the moment, the big winner is the pizza.

This Italian product -a lack of selection in the Transalpine World Russia– It seems to be the favorite of the Spanish fans to share as they encourage Spain. Arden social networks with the selection of Iron. Contests, comments, tifos, irony, fun and lots of pizza. The show-and food- is served.

Telepizza, through their social networks, wants his followers have as protagonists not only the Red but also their best products. Thus, He has launched a campaign with its own hashtag #ElHimnoDeTodosEnCasa and encourages the Spanish fans to consume their pizzas during the meetings of the selection in Russia as sponsor #futbolencasa.

Campaign Twitter de Telepizza It is still the most ingenious and persistent. Then, we share some of the best tweets to encourage the Red singing the hymn with a pizza:

Even to mark gafas Hawkers he wanted to ally with Telepizza to put his own goal in this World Cup and so has reflected the pizza chain on his Twitter account:

Another of the most important pizza delivery chains, Domino’s Pizza, Neither he wanted to miss this World Cup and created exclusive pizza the # Spanish selection that we show from your Twitter account.

Ginos Ristorante it points to football and takes their products Deliveroo with promotion including, as well it announced in their social networks to pizza lovers, pulp and ball:

And how could it be otherwise, campaign The Mafia sits at the table at World Russia with Spain is also being remarkable in their social networks.

Pizza Hut also it launches the business of pizza and football, as it could not be otherwise, for do promotions and increase your community. Always with Spain. This is expressed in his Twitter account:

morning Wednesday, to 20 hours, the # Spanish selection disputed his second match of the group stage against Iran and you need to win to direct their pass following the initial draw against Portugal. It will be a new opportunity for pizza chains are allied with football and grow your business. The race to score the decisive goal in social networks has already begun.

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