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The controversy promotion Hooters prepares to celebrate Anti-Valentine


Valentine's Day is a very special day for restaurants in many parts of the world. There is a huge tradition of going to restaurants to celebrate this day. According to the NRA or Association of American Restaurants it is estimated that Valentine night dine around 70 million Americans in restaurants.

That is why these days, restaurants strive to perform various promotions, contests and advertisements. Of course the vast majority are aimed at couples in love who want to go for a walk their love for their city restaurants. Nevertheless, we have encountered with a particular promotion both, coming from across the pond.

It seems expressly designed for jilted lovers, in addition to adding a new strip to his battered heart, you can enjoy a good portion of free chicken wings. That is the idea that has been the US restaurant chain Hooters, you have prepared a special promotion for Valentine's Day.

Hooters promotion Lovers

This will take place only in establishments that the chain has in Cali, Medellin and Bogota, In colombia, and it is to go local with one or more photos of a former partner for the Hooters girls break them in front of all customers. Thus (and after consuming a minimum of 10,5 Dollars) You may get a serving of chicken fingers for free.

Hooters controversial promotion through social networks

The promotion It was announced through the Facebook profile brand and reactions came quickly, generating a strong controversy, something which otherwise, the franchise is quite used. Because Hooters is an American franchise specializing in fast food and characterized by offering an entourage of stunning waitresses sheathed in a tight tank top and a shorts. This has led virtually from its inception, chain suffers various charges macho by several groups.

The chain has 500 Restaurants are scattered throughout the United States in addition to other 19 countries like Canada, Singapore, Ecuador, Venezuela, Australia and Colombia, where it will be held this promotion.

The photos to get a free serving of chicken wings They should carry the day 14 and you can enjoy the award to 18 February.

Valentine promotion clearly thinking of the Scorned

"Bring your photo EX, our girls the break and get 5 Free wings ", says the restaurant in its Facebook account.

The day of Valentine's Day It is a very special day for all lovers, Y one of the best ways to celebrate is to go to dinner with your partner to your favorite restaurant. Many restaurants prepare special menus that night and are responsible for creating a romantic atmosphere for your customers. The choice of restaurants is so broad, Which are due find new ways to differentiate yourself, and appeal to ultimately be the chosen option.

Similarly Colombia there are some restaurants that have joined the promotion, but others however and They have declined to do so because of the controversy. What do you think? Wrong taste or Comedy? Leave us your comment!

further, investigating a little more networks, We discovered this promotion as it could be encompassed in what is called #AntiSanValentin, a hashtag that brings together all these ideas focused Enjoy single and lonely people on Valentine's Day, as well as plans with friends that have nothing to do with romance. Down here, you can see we have liked.

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