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Worker productivity is triggered if the company offers free, healthy food


the Work meals in dining rooms offered by the company are valuable for employees is no secret. There are many ideas based on this simple concept allowing improve from labor relations to employee health, although, Of course, the improved productivity is the icing on the cake for managers.

What was missing numbers. Now, thanks to ZeroCater, a company specializing in providing catering services companies operating in major US cities (San Francisco, NY, Austin, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles), we have data attest to the benefits of these initiatives.

In a statistical study recently conducted, ZeroCater interviewed a hundred people among which were represented office workers and supervisors. The results, published as press release on February 13, They are revealing.

How catering companies can improve corporate ecosystem

First, the percentage of workers qualify your company with a remarkable or outstanding practically coincides with the percentage of employees who have access to free meals or snacks to snack between meals without having to pony up a penny.

In this sense, a previous study sponsored by the company home delivery of fruit and vegetables Peapod shows that the ratio of workers broadly satisfied with your company passes a 56% yet 67% when you have access to food at no cost to the consumer, and that 11% Margin is not trivial: welfare at work translates into increased efficiency and productivity Ranked.

The value obtained by ZeroCater (75%) It corresponds to this effect, which has all the earmarks of potentiated in the future, especially since Millennials deemed to have free access to food in the workplace is a very important issue.

Offices that have moved their focus based on these data have undergone radical changes. Beth Monagham from It nkHouse It has been one of the pioneers who have agreed to try the benefits of free food at work. Confesses that causes workers “have more desire to return to work” and confirms the good serve new generations “for many of the millennials who come to work is currently the norm, somehow you have to meet your expectations”.

It is true, a 48% people seeking employment claim to take into consideration the additional benefits that the job entails, and among them are the free snacks are not very different percentages among those who already have a job: a 38% places these bonus among the three most important additional bonuses that the corporation can bring. In general, pecking and business meals are important for a 78% and a 88% workers respectively.

The involvement of employees, among the greatest advantages

And among the main weapons that can brandish retaining businesses are working meals, well a 67% employees ensure that free catering within the company is one of the reasons why not leave his post. After the one 76% them understand these free meals as a saved expense that can be counted as part of your monthly fees.

Worker satisfaction is not the only aspect that is at stake. Catering companies usually invade achieve thanks to new offices promises in terms of productivity. Eat at work can give continue discussions giving cohesiveness between employees and allows them to intercede workers from other departments that can offer tangential prospects, unexplored or directly antagonistic, which provide great value to exchange and strengthen, the final solution reached.

Productivity is also closely related to personal connections, the camaraderie and comfort existing between different employees. Regarding this aspect, a 90% of those surveyed by ZeroCater they indicated that the lunches had positively affected their working relationships with office colleagues.

secure environment, fast and healthy for workers

Similarly, increases efficiency. Are forgotten stampedes at lunchtime in search of the best restaurants in the area, tails employees who break the patience of the most painted or being forced to eat anything in a gambling den sixpenny.

Meals at work provide a safe environment, Fast and Healthy for the human team of the company do not stress at lunchtime. He 88% of employers believe that services catering companies save time, and the 70% Human team thanks so be it.

Concern healthy and balanced diet

Apart, Victorian standards buxom beauty with prints long ago have been overcome. Today more than ever, a defined and stylized figure seek. Diners want catering services to businesses give them the opportunity to care for her figure and wellness with food really healthy.

He 65% employees considered to have healthy food to eat between meals is important, while just over half believe that snacks help them stay healthy.

Those with less healthy habits can improve your health. Peapod has managed to avoid consumption of carbonated drinks among workers who served; It has replaced the smoothies and juices full of vitamins and sugars frutados. A more balanced diet can increase up to 20% the productivity to improve mood and energy Diner.

Catering companies have to assess the nutritional needs, but they should also take into consideration eating habits derived from religious beliefs, diseases or ethical convictions.

It is vital to offer custom menus for coeliacs, lactose intolerant, Jewish practitioners requiring food kosher the vegans. He 55% of participants in the survey ZeroCater so they stated. further, a percentage slightly lower (41%) may require additional information about the ingredients used, such as the origin thereof.

Nevertheless, the most crucial attributes for services catering companies are considered a resounding success are the quality of meals and variety of the same. To this the previously mentioned savings can be around 60 € per month adds. It may seem, but since it is a recurring expense become € 720 per year. Surely more than one would think a better fate for that amount.

Business opportunity for restaurants

Many companies specializing in catering services to companies without their own kitchens. These companies engage in partnerships with local restaurants. The catering company is responsible for negotiating with the corporation that wants to improve working meals, performs collection of menus in restaurants and deliver them at the offices of destination.

A) Yes, for many restaurants, join forces with one of these initiatives means increase the volume of business. ZeroCater reports that big companies are spending between 24800 Y 3750 dollars per meal.

Although it is the unfinished, Some companies not only offer a menu at noon, but workers can equally enjoy a full breakfast.

But the business opportunity for local restoration does not end there. About a third of respondents wanting insists try the latest in snacks, and as much wants discover new snacks. There is no pursuit of novelty inherent snacks and a unique feeling. The discovery joins search.

Two-thirds of employees say they later visited one of the restaurants that have received food, and a similar percentage has bought new snacks in stores after having tried for the first time at work.

The possibility of increasing clientele thanks to restaurants catering for businesses. Employees can discover new places in which to taste their favorite dishes, and restaurants You can benefit customers to find like-minded companies for cooking. A clear scenario in which everyone wins.

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