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Re-Evolution of Old Hospitality


states Diego Coquillat we are already living in the decade that will change the world of hospitality. I share fully with the arguments and the final conclusion: Nothing will be like in a few years now. Neither concepts, distribution brands, business management, financial ratios, Business actors, customer behavior…

The hospitality industry takes a few years in anticipation (warning, almost) changes in consumer trends,

– The imperative need for managing restaurants as if they were a company (¡! That's what they are!)

The need for Scanning management and customer relations.

  • Attention to new business concepts
  • The growth of organized restoration in large groups.
  • The emergence and consolidation of delivery.

All actors in this business long ago been talking about all that will change…and what years ago is already changing. But What about hospitality ever?What about bars, restaurants, cafes lifelong? Our reality is that majority remain cornered much of the market….AND they HAVE BEGUN A REBELLION.

We have devoted many articles to discuss the evolution of this traditional hospitality. I have it written some referring to that topic. Over time I'm noticing a rebellion of traditional hospitality to such change request, so many demands by all that evolve, but Evolution whys and wherefores?

All restaurants (indeed all businesses) should implement a business management would be, but sensible and rigorous Then what?. I know many examples of traditional restaurants and makes time being managed professionally, they have digitized their management and customer relationship What else should evolve your business? They themselves give the answer: Nothing.

And do not accept that we press them more, why they want to keep doing their usual excellent gastronomy and have plenty of audience to make money with it. They not want to be modern because our cuisine is always and modernity itself. Not only has a place in the market, is the basis of the market each region.

"Trends" business can not be applied transversely to all businesses in the sector, for example growth veganism and vegetarianism should not assume that at all restaurants input is forced vegan dishes, meaningless in its own offer. The tendency to superfoods or the emergence of new trendy ingredient should not assume that traditional restaurants incorporate them into their cards. Not all restaurants have to offer delivery nor should all be "experiential". Traditional restaurants are rebelling and refusing to lose the essence that gives them their success.

Do you remember the time where all the restaurants had a goat cheese salad, carpaccio or omnipresence of coulant? What happened with the appearances of tatakis or fish tartars? natural inputs evolve cards, and, Unnatural inputs and not late. And this applies to all aspects of the business.

In fact, currently, Restaurants have more problems to survive are those who have lost their essence to surrender -in looking for more customers- cover trends were not going with them or with their concept. If traditional restaurants, of each region, of each food, They continue to make very good food, well served and in a consistent and comfortable environment, They will continue to have success without surrendering to trends against nature.

-And personally I know cases can also see other in RRSS easily- successful restaurants and acquaintances in their environment who refuse to give in to the request of certain new dishes, the ingredients forms of consumption. Restaurants do not want to offer half portions, or have more vegetarian dishes, or incorporate ingredients that do not go with them. Restaurants rebel against demands of customers who do not make them feel comfortable, that they have nothing to do with his personality.

Dozens of traditional restaurants are rebelling against pressures to stop being themselves, once you have jumped on the boat of professional management (where, by the way, some already were). They will continue to offer our traditional cooking, in its many forms and expressions and will continue to do well…and nothing more. Plus, We are attentive to Social Networks, blogs and newspaper articles, because right now, not only will do, rather they are going to do know and create your own trend: "We, traditional restaurants, still here and we will continue where we want to be, feeding our usual fine cuisine "

And the customer who wants something else, sure you have where to find it, there is room and supply for all. Sometimes innovation is to keep doing exactly what you've always done well.

About the Author

I was practically born behind the bar of a bar and I was behind her for many years (and even traffic as I can). lifelong learning from and to the office. Now I am dedicated to help hoteliers improve their profits by improving the management of its #restaurantes and innovating concepts. I specialize in restaurant chains that need to professionalize and look to the future


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