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Virtual reality meet diners in restaurants located in different parts of the world


Kodokushi. This is the term used in Japan to refer to death alone. Loneliness is an epidemic in the country Japan and the factors favoring this lack of human contact are different. On the one hand the long life expectancy, what in 2018 He placed Japan as world leader with an average age of almost 85.6 years. On the other hand we have the harsh working conditions and social expectations that are subject Japanese citizens. Lack of leisure time has resulted in a decline in romantic relationships.

The aging population and depopulation are two concerns occupying an important place in the government's strategy in Japan. Although much emphasis is placed on the use of robotics, any proposal to facilitate the reconciliation of professional duties with family life loving and has the approval and the approval of Japanese society. This is the case of the proposal Sync Dinner.

Sync Dinner It is a refreshing experience enhanced by videoconferencing technologies and augmented reality. With these two tools, It has been able to offer an intimate experience between two people away 400 kilometers apart.

The pilot project was carried out on Christmas Eve, and two Japanese couples were selected by the company Telecom Brand KDDI. The dinner was a success and produced emotional moments that were issued later under a television format similar to a reality show.

This kind of virtual restaurants are pioneers. And we say restaurants because the Sync Dinner is not the only virtual space that has opted for joining restoration and telecommunications .

In a globalized world like ours it is not surprising that different members of a family are far away. A) Yes, meet on special occasions can be very difficult and costly, if not impossible. This way you also understand in Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, another virtual restaurant invites guests to stop by his room Virtual Holiday Dinner Site wherever they are. With a capacity for four people, you do not have to attend in, This room offers a unique service: virtually bringing diners located in different parts of the world. El W + K Amsterdam has offered this possibility since 2010. First through videoconferencing established with the application Skype, and later with more modern solutions.

Technological improvements in the field of telecommunications bring new experiences to the world of restoration. During 2018 It was held in Sydney (Australia) and Singapore SGxAUFoodies, a virtual dinner where diners were separated by especio 6300 kilometers. They collaborated several prestigious restaurants, even some decorated with Michelin star.

While these experiences appear to test the waters, Some analysts are already convinced of the benefits of the concept and look one step further. A) Yes, Augmented Reality, 3D viewers and videoconferencing could bring people from all over the world.

In some virtual environments such as the famous RPG mountain, there are locations avatars intended to enjoy the meal together, while everyone eats at home. Is not bring separate or family friends whom you have not seen, but expand social boundaries and meet people from all over the globe.

This is an upward trend restoration businesses might want to explore in the future, organized international brands restoration as McDonald’s O Domino’s Pizza would be very easy to implement this service in a limited and exclusive, while other smaller bets could arise from collaboration between two or more independent establishments, as distilled from experience SGxAUFoodies.

The use of virtual reality glasses It is still little explored in the world of restoration, but not unheard. Proof of this is the Tree by Naked, which it is at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. There use headset VR complements and even spurs sensory experience from the kitchen Ryotaro Muramatsu, he alma mater of the project. Each tasting plate is associated with a virtual environment, some environmental sounds and a 3D show. The result is a holistic experience that leaves no one indifferent.

Although robust and bulky, virtual reality glasses are designed to substantially compacted. At the moment, in recent years we have witnessed a marked improvement in resolution offered, and power cables have disappeared to make way for solutions with rechargeable battery. Steps in the right direction that will definitely help generalize videoconferencing, digitization of meetings and experiences of virtual reality and augmented reality in the world of restoration.

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