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The 'recipe Arguiñano’ you eat like hotcakes in social networks


Winter or summer, does matters! Breakfast or snack chocolate with churros fancy in any season. For this reason, like hotcakes both on the Web and, even more, If Arguiñano brothers are those who give us the recipe.

Eva and churros Karlos succeed in social networks. There is more to see the way they look so inviting, and it is for that reason tweets of both chefs are having such an impact on Twitter. “Step by step and simple”. This introduces Eva Arguiñano, in your personal account, hogarmania.com video in showing us the recipe appreciated.

It also links Karlos Arguiñano, on his Twitter account, to explain to his followers how to make the churros with a “classic recipe”.

The brothers already know Arguiñano their followers like especially churros and different versions. Karlos Arguiñano here left us an original recipe with chocolate combination that caused the audience reaction. Or also, another plate much more daring in performing a unpublished mixture with lentils and hotcakes chistorra, which also left indifferent to users of the network.

Si no te lo quieres perder tú tampoco, aquí te compartimos la receta más clásica:

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