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Curbside pickup improves user experience in restaurants


00The crisis of the coronavirus has made reaching customers a challenge. Uncertainty and mistrust dictate people's consumption habits, and restaurants have suffered in their meats.

The business of delivery o reparto a domicilio has experienced enormous growth. Taking EE as an example. UU., cradle of new trends, the restaurants that have managed to overcome this crisis without too much hardship are those with greater mobility in their business: pizzerias and foodtrucks.

That is why to value the new strategies of delivery and business off-premise that have arisen is of vital importance for the hotelier. 2021 it will be a long year and only in 2022 we can dream of returning to the normality that we enjoyed before the arrival of SARS-CoV-2.

He curbside pickup or pick up outside the store

With the arrival of confinements and restrictions, he curbside pickup or delivery in wax, it was one of the first revolutions to hit restaurants. The concept is simple: the customer makes a telematic order, a pick-up time is established and the restaurant staff delivers it outside the establishment to minimize contacts. In this way, the transmission of the coronavirus is easily hindered and the consumer feels safer.

The idea is simple. But not all restaurants were able to benefit from it immediately. In some cases the problem was the lack of adequate space for collection. In others, the saturation of orders for delivery prevented a worker from leaving the premises due to the associated loss of time.

Since then the out-of-store pickup methodology has been revised time after time. After many iterations the consensus is that the implementation of curbside pickup improves user experience regardless of restaurant where the system is implanted.

Benefits of delivery in wax

Thanks to out-of-store collection, the consumer can minimize the time he spends to obtain his order to the absolute maximum. This in turn translates into a revaluation of your time and an improvement in the health security you experience.

While in March 2020 this method of collection was planned personally, the digital transformation restaurants has forced its evolution to great marches. The latest systems for curbside pickup appeared on the market are installed as add-ons in restaurant applications to geolocate the position of the consumer and prepare their order so that it leaves the kitchen as the customer arrives to the facade of the establishment.

In this way the coffee will be very hot, the crispy fries and that tomato burger, onion and lettuce will have a fluffy bread and a juicy steak. Dishes and prepared items will not wait a quarter of an hour on the shelf until the customer arrives. Instead they are prepared for him to enjoy in the same way he would at the living room table..

An improvement in the quality of the food that the customer enjoys involves benefits for the promotion of the establishment. Even in the middle of the digital age, word of mouth is still of vital relevance to the business.

But this synchronization capacity is not the only benefit of knowing exactly when the customer will arrive to pick up their order.. Traceability allows smarter use of the kitchen. Especially during rush hours, Having a computer system that helps us decide the optimal time to cook the requested item can have great long-term benefits.

A faster pickup, less risk in contacts, tastier food and the elimination of inefficiencies in the premises will make the curbside pickup don't disappear after the pandemic. It is a system that is here to stay and that is why restaurants must take it seriously. Continuously improving it and adapting it to the peculiar circumstances of each business will be a necessity for years to come..

In Starbucks, for example, they are allocating predefined parking spaces for pick-up outside the store. Customers who do not want to access the establishment or interact with the cashiers of the drive-thrus can enjoy an experience contactless through app moving company.

They just have to open the application, place the order and execute the payment via digital wallet. As they go to their usual Starbucks establishment the order is already being prepared in the cafeteria. When it comes you just have park the vehicle in the pre-defined areas and a waiter will deliver the requested food and drink.

The development of the action is direct and simple. Nothing to do with the chaos that was lived a year ago, when protocols and methodologies were unclear. By then, neither the customer nor the waiter knew what to do and the whole process was extremely confusing.

This difference in just one year gives us clues of the improvements that we could still see in 2021 and later years in the modality.

Increase in business volume thanks to collection outside the restaurant

Continuing with the Starbucks example, the company's chief financial officer, Pat Grismer, commented the following: "The curbside pickup is so important because it provides one more option to customers. […] It's working wonderfully. It has eased the pressure on drive-thru and it is covering part of the customer demand ».

An Incisiv report requested by Manhattan Associates reveals the significant increase in the use of the out-of-store collection method in the United States.. THE. The document, qualified The New Store Shopper in High-Touch Retail, does not refer only to the hospitality sector but also makes a Holistic Review of US Retail. The following key points for restaurants are distilled from this study:

  • He 80% of consumers expect BOPIS options (purchase online and face-to-face collection) Y curbside pickup increase in the coming years.
  • He 85% of consumers use the curbside pickup more frequently compared to pre-pandemic times.
  • He 79% of these indicate that the warranty contactless store pickup is crucial for them.
  • He 85% of consumers are satisfied with the implementation of the options curbside pickup but 81% note that there are few establishments where they are operational

These five points should exemplify the tremendous potential of pick-up outside the restaurant in the coming months in the hospitality sector.

The best of all is that the hotelier is in time to enhance his premises with minimal changes in his mode of operation.. The idea should not be to implement the curbside pickup in record time but to ensure that the solutions adopted respond to a robust long-term strategy.

box office contactless, pick-up shifts, smart wait management, contactless self-order kiosks, digital points of sale, establishments intended solely for collection… The options are very diverse and all of them can increase the restaurant's business volume substantially.

However, as with any other technology, There are always certain dangers that you have to know how to avoid. In the case of out-of-store collection, the main problems that may arise are related to the user experience:

  • It is necessary to prevent the customer from calling from the car park
  • It is necessary to automate communication channels through digital aggregators
  • Clients must be prevented from having to wait
  • It is inappropriate to contact the customer through a channel other than their preferred communication channel

Starting to work on an out-of-store pickup solution at our store will help us to obtain better results and prepare for a return to normalcy that is probably more similar to our current reality than the one we lived in. 2019.

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