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Online reputation is key to improving the competitiveness of restaurants


Third year my friends Vivential Value, one of the leading online reputation studies in tourism consultants in Spain, publishes its iRON_Rtes'13, Online Reputation Index Restaurants 2013.

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Before going into detail, I would like to signify the importance of this study placing it in a present where the debate is open and more and more voices are in favor and against this new trend that puts the online reputation as one of the key elements in the acquisition and retention of new customers.

Regarding the study:

They have been analyzed 117.000 chips available on portals opinion regarding restaurants, cafes and bars, a 30% more than in the previous year study, including more than 1 million customer reviews.

Study results:

1.-shared experiences:

It is the most revealing fact of this new study, with a very significant increase in the opinions shared by customers via internet, more than 1 million opinions, representing an increase over the previous year of a 85%.

shared by customers Restaurant Reviews

2.- Visibility restaurants:

the figure of the previous year invisibility is maintained with 44% restaurants, It is demonstrating that despite maintaining an information sheet on internet have no opinion of their customers.

Visibility restaurants in social networks

3.- Stability restaurants:

Although decreases in 11 Study percentage points compared to the previous year, even the 65% restaurants have a strong instability, that is to say, have less than 10 opinions and therefore a new opinion influences in a very remarkable way in its final assessment, both positively and negatively.

Stability restaurants in social media

4.- Concentration of valuations:

Although the data improvement over last year of a 18% yet 27%, there remains a high degree of concentration of the views in a small percentage of restaurants, They are little more than 30.000 restaurants which accumulate practically all opinions on major Internet portals.

Concentration of feedback from restaurant patrons

5.- Degree of customer satisfaction:

It stays the same percentages as in the year 2012, he 28% customers believe that their experience has been unsatisfactory and has not met its expectations, he 48% It has a neutral assessment and 24% He said that his experience has been very satisfactory, above expectations created in the phase of inspiration online.

Degree of customer satisfaction in restaurants

6.- Final result:

Once the index calculated based on an algorithm that weighs the number of ratings, the volume of opinions and the importance of the sites where they appear, the end result of Online Reputation Index - "iRON_Rtes'13" is from about 7.76 10.

There is a very slight increase in the Index of Online Reputation year 2013 over the previous year (= 7.63 iRON_Rtes'12) from 0,13 points.

In addition, they continue to maintain the three provinces exceeding 8 points in this index, Tenerife, Mallorca and Malaga.

Iron Index 2013


Conclusions box:

#Shared experiences283.736547.3201.011.667
#very satisfying experience19%23%24%

My conclusions:

  • There is no doubt that improving access to new technologies by customers, the incorporation of comments on many online platforms, unstoppable “fashion” to share in social networks gastronomic moments and the insistence of many hoteliers to their customers to make comments online has caused a significant increase in these, which has not only confirmed the trend already predicted in previous studies
  • The high concentration of opinions in a few restaurants is an obvious manifestation of time when the industry Spanish restaurants is opposite the new model online, where some growing, but not majority, It is understood that the experience of his client has been globalized and elements that compose both online and offline, against another that remains anchored in a face model that has not adapted its business to new customer demands.
  • The high percentage of invisible restaurants, a 44%, It responds to a clear ignorance or lack of training by the sector in the digitization process stage inspiration. The new client no longer enter the door of the restaurant, in most cases it has taken its decision long before, in front of a computer screen, a smartphone or tablet and influenced by the experiences of other users. A restaurant, nowadays, You can not afford not to be present at this very crucial stage for the customer.
  • High volatility combat restaurants promote and facilitate customers to share their experience with other users on the internet and this causing a stream of growing and positive feedback that promotes acquisition of new customers and the future sustainability Restaurant.
  • New customers are improving their learning very quickly in the online search for restaurants, until very recently this was mainly based on direct search of the restaurant through the website itself or token of any website, but now this has changed, and client looking good restaurants through customer feedback and access to the page or the web in a final stage of its decision to convert or reserve.
  • Honestly the thing that worries me most is the immobility of the percentage based on the quality of the customer experience in the Spanish restaurants, in a sector which aims to become one of the engines of the Spanish economy and still do not see the online reputation as a lever needed to improve their competitiveness. when online reputation give the value it deserves in the modern culture of a company it has come, understood as a process computer where all employees have to be trained, tools and willingness necessary to make it the great differentiator.

This year 2013 I have given courses, conferences and seminars in many different populations of Spanish territory and can say that the vast majority of hoteliers relate the online reputation with fear of negative comments or even to know the truth about your restaurant. There is a dire lack of training in this regard that causes a lack of knowledge about the competitive advantage and the huge niche market that currently represents the online reputation and I never tire of saying that the best online reputation is achieved by striving for excellence offline.

I would like to know your opinion, Do you think that online reputation is one of the necessary levers to improve the competitiveness of the restaurants?

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