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Online reputation is the new digital currency, without a good reputation your restaurant fail


Francisco Muñoz, It is the CEO GastroRanking, an application that analyzes millions of reviews on major Internet portals to recommend the best restaurants depending on the tastes and customer reviews.

From this digital newspaper we wanted to interview, and hear this expert are the challenges that the restaurant industry is facing in managing online reputation, definitely, one of the basic pillars of this new digital era.

P.- For those who do not know Gastroranking, Tell us what the goal of this project, which brings together almost 130 thousand restaurants

The visible part of GastroRanking, the portal, It is just a sample of our technological capabilities. We collect everything published on the Internet and created a ranking with algorithm trying to play as the views interpret when a person reads.

But what is really valuable is behind, a platform designed to help professionals catering to monitor and manage their Online Reputation, to know and improve the experience of its guests and to discover their marketing ideas for restaurants. Thanks to our social monitoring tools and predictive intelligence we can provide the following added value to our customers:

  • Save time in managing reviews
  • Help define the Customer Journey Map of each company
  • Find new business opportunities
  • Keep track of any KPI you want to define to prioritize actions

Definitely, transforms customer feedback into actionable insights for marketing departments and management of any restaurant chain or independent restaurant.

P.- The online reputation management, it is without a doubt, one of the keys to the digital success of a restaurant, What are the main keys to optimize the management of the online reputation of a restaurant?

From our experience, we know it is important to monitor the evolution over time of both the note in different directories, as the social importance of the person issuing the opinion, since both parameters have a lot of weight in all directories algorithms. To improve positioning, we must leverage on customers and developers try to handle complaints of detractors.

P.- In the year 2011 Spain had 250 Restaurant thousand comments portals opinion. Today we see that almost indexes Gastroranking 35 millions of opinions What do you think is due this exponential growth in digital reviews?

It has been an evolutionary process. We have realized the value of the experience of others in a restaurant (and in many other areas more) not to disappoint our expectations when we go and buy something. We do not want mistakes. We value our time and our money. and we go to discover experience that other people liked it. If we read negative reviews, the likelihood that decide not to go to that restaurant shooting.

P.- our director Diego Coquillat, He says the digital reputation is achieved by converting your client in your best recommender. It definitely has it taken the traditional word of mouth in this new era to digital?

Definitely. Reputation is the new digital currency. Based on your reputation you can build your business. If you do not have good reputation on the Internet, you are bound to fail sooner or later.

P.- What is your opinion about those restaurants that keep many of the comments posted are fraudulent and in order to manipulate the ranking of the leading portals?

I agree that there false opinions, but not through the portals themselves with the current volume is no longer needed. If not for people who for one reason or another want to harm or benefit to a restaurant without having set foot in it. In fact, our algorithm works with this parameter when discounting potentially false opinions.

P.- A few months ago we reported that a restaurant had secured a bank loan because of its good reputation in the major digital portals. in EE. THE. We are beginning to see the personalization insurance policies on food business based on reputation online. Do you think these comments and opinions will increasingly influence other variables that are not only recruitment and customer loyalty?

Of course. We have clients in the evolution of the reputation and represents a significant part of the variable salary of the restaurant staff. The reputation has quickly positioned as a key element of managing a restaurant.

P.- We are seeing how they are beginning to generate smart autoresponders to answer customer comments. Do you think that this new technology can make the gist of the conversation is lost in digital environments?

I think that we should not consider that people are dumb. If I read a number of opinions because I want to form a complete idea as is the restaurant, and I find that there is an automatic response pattern; My conclusion is that this restaurant is not geared towards people probably think that my experience is not going to be positive. I do not think the human part is lost. Better fewer answers, but real.

P.- Ye and it uses advanced algorithms Artificial intelligence to create your content. What do you think will be the role of online reputation in the next 5 years?

We can look to more mature sectors in this regard, such as the case of hotels. Impact reputation squarely in the restaurant pricing, which means you will get into the spinal cord of business and no longer will such as hotels.

P.- What are the next challenges facing Gastroranking?

We are working on a solution to offer customers its Customer Journey Map, customized for each case. Our current position is to go beyond the online reputation and reach to offer a solution that helps to understand comprehensively the customer experience. Precisely because knowing the customer experience and acting on what is known as the moments of truth, It can significantly improve the Online Reputation.

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