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Online booking orders for pick up at the restaurant is the new craze among millennials


According to study by BRP and Windstream Enterpise, a 20% of the US population. THE. has welcomed the option of ordering in advance at the restaurant space. This format purchase is a compromise between the physical site visit and the request online with home delivery food.

In this mode, the consumer places the order directly to the restaurateur. When you run the custom it allows the customer an Approximate delivery time on site. It is then the responsibility of the customer to pickup the food. Once in the restaurant, the buyer has the option taste the food in the lounge or dispose of the packaging menu takeaway.

Order ahead for pickup in person born of the need to save costs. The apps mobile delivery companies add an additional cost to meals prepared by restaurants. At first glance these amounts are small importance, but if the service is used assiduously, the extra costs soon accumulate. Apart from its basic rates, some impose surcharges for operations in highly active areas; that is to say, in almost all cities. Then the extra costs soon soar.

At the end, pay more for food means not so often enjoy the kitchen of our favorite restaurants.

The trend is especially prevalent among youth. In the case of millennials, the percentage round and the 32%. It could not be otherwise in the case of a demographic plagued by poor financial position, precarious.

The restaurants also did not put stick to these services. On the one hand the prices of their items are more competitive not being affected by additional fees of home delivery companies food. In addition the order online in advance to pick up in person is more efficient delivery times and offers higher quality: the client receives the food as soon as it comes out of the kitchen, and in the same state in which this would be served at the tables of the local. Transport responsibility, this should be made, It corresponds to commensal.

In any case, Restaurants are now offering such sales added an additional fee to the service concept of order requested in advance, so in addition to pretend to have more competitive prices, the catering company is also receiving a higher turnover than other methodologies.

Who have pointed to the trend? Organized restoration dedicated to fast food has been, as usual, the first to join the fashion. Panera Bread, Shake Shack, Chipotle, McDonald’s Y Domino’s are some of the pioneers in this niche in the United States.

Panera has been maximized end. using the app own moving company, the customer can pay in advance for the service, appear in the shop, pick up your order from a shelf and not cross a word with the staff of the establishment.

In other markets, such as cafes or the pastries, have also been received with open arms this type of methodology. It is the case Starbucks Y Dunkin’ Donuts. Nevertheless, although some big names listed here preliminary, The truth is that It is 2019 It will be the year that really takes hold order online in advance for collection in person as a backup option.

According to the mentioned study at the beginning of the article, a 59% Business participants in research (60) They intend to include this service among those offered in its restaurants.

That is why at the end of this year could be talking about percentages of use of this purchasing option many seniors that are perceived at this time.

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