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Organized restoration contributes to lower unemployment in June

  • Organized restoration is an essential part of these good data.
  • There are threats to this contribution as tax increases or municipal regulations.

In June there was a considerable drop in the national unemployment data made the total number of unemployed falling within the 3'7 million leaving the data at the lowest since September 2009, and an acceleration in job creation almost 100.000 people, making this June at best historical series from which data.

Data on cross-cutting, Branch won more contributors last month was the hospitality, with 38.337 more affiliates, followed by trade with 27.936, administrative activities totaling 18.587, manufacturing (14.031) and construction 11.468 plus. These figures represent a turnaround: In June, job creation has accelerated again because although the number of workers discharged at the National Institute of Social Security and grew in annual terms, each time it was with less force. In June, instead, It has been promoted and has increased 2,92%.

Hospitality and, especially, organized restoration are a fundamental part of these good data, despite being a sector that does not receive sufficient support from the government and the various governments. In respect of past tax increases and the threat of a new, especially VAT, It is a barrier that greatly hinders job creation in our sector.

Unemployment has fallen for restoration

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Other legislative reforms in some municipalities, especially in Madrid and Barcelona, on terraces of local, They are very restrictive and adversely affect industry's contribution to employment growth. These regulations are also an important limit to the development of the sector, which impacts negatively also tourism growth.

Trademark Restoration:

Restoration brands is the main chain association organized grouping restoration 36 companies employing more than 250.000 workers and together they account for 0.56% of GDP in a sector which represents 7.6% total and employs more than 1.6 million people.

The associated companies are Restoration Brands: SSP Spain, Tommy Mel’s, Telepizza, Comess Group, Nebraska, Haagen-Dazs, McDonald's Spain, Peggy Sue’s, Grupo VIPS, Vienna establishments, The Daily Bread, Brasayleña, Knee group, FoodBox, VATI, Beer&Food, Group Abbots, UDON, MasQMenos, Grupo Andilana, Areas, Cafestore, KFC, Vienna Chaplains, Raza Nostra, Buffalo Grill, Tako Away, Autogrill, Restalia, Noodle, Smöoy, The Sicilian, The Mafia, Whitby, Brutus and company Tropic.

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