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The revolution reaches chatbots restaurants


It seems lately we do not stop hearing about the chatbots in different digital media, the last one that has been incorporated into this new fashion of artificial intelligence has been Facebook, He has announced that through its Messenger instant messaging application can be created chatbots to interact with users.

But, What are chatbots? Very easy, They are the same as those attending phone voice, like Siri on the iPhone, but transferred to the environment chats, that is to say, you can chat with virtual assistants They will guide you in a written conversation without human intervention.

Ultimately it is a software able to communicate with humans using artificial intelligence because they mimic the way the human brain works when a conversation. It is estimated that more than 85% of customer service centers will be virtual in the year 2020, and that each person will have their own chatbot like a kind of artificial butler who will inform time, tu agenda, of your favorite restaurants, everything that you learn about yourself.

Once we have a clear function in the chatbots this new digital universe, I would like to let you know what the potential of this new smart technology within the restaurant industry.

The chatbots will be a real digital revolution in the sector as will facilitate many conversations with customers and restaurants that can be structured and are repetitive, such as knowing the address or phone number of a restaurant, know the opening hours, make a reservation or order delivery.

The first restaurant that uses a service Chatbot

An example is the Argentine project HoyPido.com consisting of a virtual assistant who can order delivery without human intervention. Chatbot conversation starts with entering the profile Facebook Messenger portal and simply waving a “Hello” interaction begins.

All this is done through a virtual waiter will ask the customer the neighborhood is located, delivery address, the phone, and what you want to eat and drink, showing in text and image. All these data are recorded and the next time the same client decides to order Just ask the delivery address.

Next week we will publish an interview I made him Nicolas Partial CEO HoyPido.com, do not miss it because it really is very interesting transformation that will lead chatbots in the sector.

In this video you can see as a chatbot focused on different sectors, including a restaurant, interacts with users.

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