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Robotics and restructuring of the sector


I have a good friend, the professional reference of the hospitality industry and an enviable reputation that a couple of years stated in his speeches and articles "are curves" and that the economic situation is not good and will complicate the benefits to the sector.

I disagree and when we share between us realize, immediately, our daily professional relationships are not in the same constellation of professionals, it is usually related to more traditional restaurateurs and restorers I do with new concepts and trends.

We are both customers and friends in all areas of restoration, from the most traditional, the most gastronomic and from street food to the delivery… but our most common core relationship is in two different worlds of the current restoration.

Traditional restoration expresses doubt to the future and is very sensitive to possible changes in economic conditions. The complaint of the whole is bad history in our society and almost exclusive to the traditional restoration, but the rest of the threat is legitimate and logical, traditional restoration and management models that have not been updated feel weak and vulnerable to changes.

The economic crisis of the 2008 and following left many dead on the road and many other businesses very touched. Many of these businesses are still weak, one after decade without reconverted and fearful that another crisis will give them the lace.

In this decade we will undertake (and we're at it) most reconversion of the sector in decades. An obvious conversion as necessary. Customers are not the same, They do not eat the same and do not want the same, gastronomy has expanded its range with concepts and cultures very different, digital relationship with food and entertainment is a must, consumption away from home (Product or home cooked by another) It is widespread as a habit of life, employees behave differently and have new expectations, fraud is no longer as profitable or is under suspicion….

In this prodigious decade we are witnessing the emergence of robots as workforce. Now it is no longer a future project, They are now at fairs and events, you can buy ads are already many restaurants, chains, Hotels, etc. that incorporate in part or in whole process of production and service. All management processes are being digitized by leaps and bounds.

Digitization is no longer something that experts published in newspaper articles as a necessity, if not a daily habit of those who have not yet done. Increasingly open more business catering digitized 100% since its inauguration. Robots are already part of this.

The robots They will take care of repetitive tasks, heavy and with no added value and will reduce the pressure of the restorers for staff, the need to focus on the more professionalized staff. They give prestige to work in the sector, since the remuneration and new jobs will be enhanced value added.

What you have to do with the conversion robots that will suffer the sector? EVERYTHING, They will be one of the channelers of the process, since revolutionize processes, efficiency (and benefit) the first to adopt them and drag to the sector to change processes and concepts.

There is always room, a very big place for restoration and traditional cuisine-not only the classical concepts have problems of survival and management-, but all businesses that do not modernize their internal structure and update their positioning can be outside the reconversion.

The robotic, broadly, You will give the final push to all the survivors of the debacle of the previous crisis reconvert…or falling if they do not.

About the Author

I was practically born behind the bar of a bar and I was behind her for many years (and even traffic as I can). lifelong learning from and to the office. Now I am dedicated to help hoteliers improve their profits by improving the management of its #restaurantes and innovating concepts. I specialize in restaurant chains that need to professionalize and look to the future


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